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16 lost chocolate bars we miss from the shelves and want back — one was named 'UK's favourite ever'

There's so many we loved and lost

How can a chocolate bar go from being named Britain's favourite chocolate to discontinued? It's just one of the many questions you'll be asking yourself as you wonder how any of these once-famous chocolate bars disappeared from our shelves.

While the divisive Bounty lives on, seemingly unscathed by its army of critics, some absolutely belting chocolate bars have lost their battle for survival. From the long-departed like the Spira to the more recently-departed like the Caramac and Animal Bar, you're to have fond memories of some of these bars, in your mind and on your taste buds.

If we've missed any you think should be on here, please let us know in the comments. In the meantime, you can look back at the lost restaurant chain which sold £6 steaks and 75p cheesecakes and 11 things you saw at McDonald's in the 1990s that would blow minds today.