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30 pictures that show just how much Cardiff's Queen Street has changed in 75 years

It looked completely unrecognisable back in the day, and these images show its evolution

Crowded pavement of shoppers
Back in the 60s, the idea of pedestrianisation was a long way off

Cardiff has never stood still for long - but by any standards it's going through a pretty big period of change. Huge swathes of housing are being built near the city centre, new contenders for Wales' tallest building keep emerging seemingly every other day, and in every corner of the capital you'll find battles to keep parts of the city's heritage alive while keeping up-to-date with similar cities around the world.

Go back 75 years and the heart of the city centre looked completely different to how it did today. Rewind to the time before the Hayes and St David's shopping centre were the centre of the city's shopping experience and Queen Street was the beating heart of Cardiff.

We've dived into our archives to get a glimpse of how the street has changed over the years, and the incredible moments in history it has witnessed over the years. Hosting visits from Winston Churchill and Doctor Who, seeing demolition and rebuilding over and over again, lighting up again after a cloud of darkness descended during the Second World War and being a temporary home to some of our favourite now-long-lost storefronts. Queen Street has seen it all.

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