A brand new biopic movie all about Amy Winehouse has now hit cinemas, but it has received mixed reviews from fans. Titled Back To Black, the film explores the rise and fame of the British singing legend, who sadly died in 2011, aged 27.

Back to Black charts Amy’s rise to stardom, her marriage to Blake Fielder-Civil and her battle with addiction. A synopsis of the film reads: "The life and music of Amy Winehouse, through the journey of adolescence to adulthood and the creation of one of the best-selling albums of our time."

Marisa Abela takes the lead role as Amy. Jack O'Connell plays as Blake Fielder-Civil, Amy's former husband, while Eddie Marsan stars as Amy's father Mitch Winehouse. The flick was directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, who has previously worked on Nowhere Boy and Fifty Shades of Grey.

Upon the film's release (April 12), fans and viewers took to social media to share their thoughts. On X, formerly known as Twitter, GuyBertie wrote: "Sadly the rumours are true. Not to take anything away from the performance of Marisa Abela, but Back to Black isn’t the tribute that anyone would have hoped it would be or that Amy Winehouse deserves."

Itskingbiancax exclaimed: "I want to slap everyone who is involved in making that Amy Winehouse movie! My girl deserves better than this." Christianmcbale said: "Nothing about that upcoming Amy Winehouse movie makes me feel good in any way.. she deserves so much better."

SSkellington93 added: "Damn. That’s really bad. Amy Winehouse deserved better in life and she definitely deserves better than whatever this is." So_Eye_Cee stated: "The Amy Winehouse film deserves to flop."

On Rotten Tomatoes, critics have given the film an overall score of 55% out of 100%. Vikram Murthi of IndieWire said: "Everyone involved in the film approaches the late artist with love and respect, but its tawdry instincts and misguided sense of responsibility let her memory down."

Brian Lloyd of Entertainment.ie said: "There may yet be a great movie made out of the life and times of Amy Winehouse, but it's not this." However, not everyone was in agreement.

Deborah Ross of The Spectator put: "This is better than I expected (although my expectations were low). It does seem softened at the edges, and one can never forgive a falling-in-love montage set at London Zoo -- ever -- but I (mostly) didn’t cringe and it is respectful, if painful."

Leigh Paatsch of Herald Sun (Australia) typed: "The movie expertly examines the key influences and events that shaped Winehouse’s gifts so definitively." On X, Savix9 said: "I just watched the Amy Winehouse movie and I cried like she died today." AdanRodrguez12 stated: "MOVIE IS EPIC, POWERFUL, EMOTIONAL TRUE CINEMAAA!"

During today's episode of ITV's Good Morning Britain, Blake Fielder-Civil shared how he felt watching the film. "It was almost therapeutic in a way," he said.