The latest episode of BBC’s Antiques Roadshow saw the team head to Powys as more people sought answers as to how much their possessions were worth. First up to present their goods to an expert was a man who brought a set of Edwardian cufflinks that were perfectly preserved.

Chatting to expert Joanna Hardy during the repeat episode on Sunday, April 14, the guest revealed: “These are my grandfathers. My mum's just passed them down to me now. And the story goes, my grandfather was the chauffeur for Lord and Lady Trafford on the Trafford estate where they lived. Mum lived on the estate. And what I get from Mum is that it was a gift from them to say thank you for all the hard work and service that they did.”

While the man said he’d worn the cufflinks “once or twice”, he confirmed that he had no intention to sell them. The jewellery itself featured imagery of playing cards, a horse, a ballerina and a champagne bottle.

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Joanna then told the man what he had in his possession. “These were typically Edwardian period, when people had come out of the Victorian era where it had all been quite dowdy, and you had Queen Victoria that had been in mourning for a long time. And then you had the Edwardian period, and that was just gaiety, and fun, and lightness.

Cufflinks on Antiques Roadshow
The cufflinks were kept in immaculate condition

“These cufflinks really imbued that era, and they are made with painted enamel. The detail on these, you've kept these beautifully. Thank you. They are just so exquisite in their execution. There's not one chip. It's so easy to chip those.”

Joanna then told the guest that the cufflinks are “highly collectable” and would therefore fetch between £800 and £1000 at auction. In response, he said: “Are you joking? Oh, my God. I thought you were going to say £100. That's amazing. Thank you so much. That hit me there. Thank you.”

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