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The best photos from Cardiff's bright and brilliant indoor Holi Festival

Holi was celebrated in Cardiff in bright and colourful scenes

People dancing
Over a thousand people gathered to celebrate

Known as the festival of colours, love, and spring Holi, the Hindu festival, is known across the world for being a bright and brilliant affair. It was no different in Cardiff when over a thousand people gathered at the Vale Sports Arena to celebrate Holi.

The event was run by Desi Nach and held at the Vale Sports Centre. Desi Nach decided to move the event indoors to ensure that no matter what the weather is doing, which has put people off attending in previous years, Holi could still be celebrated.

We spoke to the host of the event Gurnwab Singh, who is known as Bobbysg, about moving the event indoors. He said: "Even though the guests or the families that are coming here today to celebrate this occasion would still probably rock up regardless, there would be a percentage of people who wouldn't turn up, so to have it and everyone is enjoying it... it is really comforting knowing that everyone is relaxed, having a great time here."

Offering ticket prices starting at £5 the event is aimed at students and young people to ensure they can enjoy celebrating Holi. Gurnwab said: "They are here for a good time... they are just normal, standard, lovely kids just here to have a great time... it is about coming here, being yourself and having a great time and listening to some really good music."

Here are some of the best pictures from the very colourful event.

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