Heinz and Mattel have joined forces to launch a brand new sauce that has divided shoppers. The new Heinz Classic Barbiecue Sauce is a limited-edition pink vegan mayo with BBQ sauce.

The sauce sensation comes following last year’s continued Barbiecore craze, with Heinz teasing its fans about whether this dream condiment-concoction should be made a reality. After mass public demand, the sauce has now been brought to life and comes just in time to celebrate the 65th Anniversary of the Barbie brand.

Five thousand bottles will be available on Heinztohome.co.uk from today (April 15), followed by a limited run available at Tesco from now and Ocado and other retailers from May. The sauce has already gained mass attention from Brits on social media.

On Facebook, one shopper called Ashley took to Food Finds UK Official to share news of the pink condiment. Uploading a picture of the bottle, with features a black and pink label, she told fellow members she spotted the sauce in Tesco.

Some people weren't too sure as Lou replied: "Is this actually a thing??" Lucy tagged a friend and said: "Just get it for the aesthetic because it sounds disgusting."

Barbiecue sauce
The limited-edition pink vegan mayo with BBQ sauce is available this month

Addison added: "That’s disgusting." Lowana typed: "It would probably taste terrible but it would look good on the table at a BBQ." Kelly exclaimed: "WTF!"

However, plenty of other shoppers seemed keen. Autumn tagged a mate and wrote: "Let's get it." Chloe is already planning what she'd use the sauce for, writing: "For sausage sandwiches!"

Chelsea put: "I need it." Juliette said: "Gotta get me some of this!" Ruth simply stated: "Dream." Tay admitted: "Erm?!? I need to find this!" Charlotte penned: "That sounds nice."

Ruth Henriquez, Head of Consumer Products, Publishing, and LBE Mattel EMEA added: "This partnership with Heinz opens up another avenue for Barbie fans to bring home the world of Barbie.

"Last summer, we worked quickly with Heinz to bring to life the prospect of a Heinz Classic Barbiecue Sauce in digital form, so it’s now so exciting to be able to put the physical product into our kitchen cupboards. This collaboration embodies the spirit of innovation and fun that both Mattel and Heinz are known for, and we can’t wait for fans to enjoy this delicious and unique product."

Thiago Rapp, Director of Taste Elevation at Heinz said: “Barbie well and truly won the hearts of Brits all over again last year, and after seeing the reaction this sauce brought to our fans on social media, we knew we had to make it a reality. We’re always looking for ways to innovate and give our fans what they want, and we’re thrilled to be able to bring this iconic partnership with Mattel to life."