The owner of an independent late-night coffee shop and bar a stone's throw from Swansea's main bar and club street has confirmed it has closed down just over a year after it opened. Chuckaboo, in The Strand, Swansea city centre, launched last February as business-owner Gurinder 'Inder' Singh felt late-night offerings in Swansea, particularly for people who didn't want to go dancing or spend their evenings in a typical noisy and rowdy bar or club, were limited.

At the time, he told WalesOnline that whilst Swansea boasted a wide range of restaurants and bars serving food and drinks until the early hours, before he opened his business, the only place that served coffee late at night was McDonald's. With this in mind, Inder said he wanted to offer something a bit different for Swansea locals and visitors, especially people who'd moved to Swansea from abroad.

Inder, who came to Swansea two decades ago as an international student at university, told WalesOnline last year that it was very common abroad, particularly in African and Asian countries, for people to go out for a coffee late at night, especially students and young people - and that it was becoming more popular in the UK too.

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He hoped his new venue would become a hub both for people who have moved to Swansea from abroad and anyone that just likes a coffee on an evening. Chuckaboo, which means 'close friend' in Victorian English, also served other hot drinks and alcoholic drinks. You can get the biggest Swansea news stories straight to your inbox with our newsletter.

Sadly, increased costs and business rates have now led Inder to close the venue for good - though he hopes someone else will take on the unit and launch a new venue there in the future.

Chuckaboo in The Strand, Swansea
Chuckaboo was located on The Strand, a stone's throw from Swansea's main bar-club street - Wind Street
Inder wanted to offer somewhere people could catch up with friends with a hot drink on an evening
Inder wanted to offer somewhere people could catch up with friends with a hot drink on an evening

In a note to customers which Inder shared with WalesOnline on April 9, he wrote: "Dear valued patrons, it is with deep regret that we announce the closure of Chuckaboo. This difficult decision comes after careful consideration due to a confluence of challenging economic factors.

"Rising interest rates, energy costs and the general increase in the costs of goods and services have significantly impacted our operations. Additionally, the recent increase in business rates has further compounded these challenges. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this closure may cause. We are incredibly grateful for your patronage and the opportunity to serve you over the past year."

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