A 27-year-old who died suddenly in his bed was a "marvellous" dad and "good as gold" son who struggled with his mental health, an inquest has heard. Rhyddion David James Williams was found unresponsive at his home in Cymmer, Croeserw, in November, 2023.

Shortly after his death, his fiancée, Chelsea Sterio, told WalesOnline Mr Williams was usually a "bubbly person" who "couldn't do enough for anyone," and looked after their first daughter, born prematurely, "so well." An inquest into Mr Williams' death heard about his mental health issues and how he had felt too ashamed to seek help, fearing what people would think of him.

Ms Sterio said in November: "It's usually men who feel like they can't speak out. I wouldn't want anyone to go through what I've been through so I want to encourage more men to speak out. He was too ashamed just in case people thought differently of him and then it was too late to speak out in the end. But I want him to be remembered for the stuff he used to do. It was always everybody before him and he was so marvellous with my two girls." For the latest Welsh news delivered to your inbox sign up to our newsletter

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Mr Williams was born in 1996 and grew up in Port Talbot, and at school was a "mischievous" but good student, an inquest on April 8, 2024, heard. He got good GCSEs and was engaged in a preparing-to-work programme hoping to work with animals, but later ended up out of employment. According to his mum, Mandy Richards, who spoke to PC Stephen Mbunya for the inquest, Mr Williams was "good as gold" and would help anybody he could, with "not one person [having] ever said bad words about him."

Rhyddion and Chelsea smile and look to the camera with their daughter Freya-Harper Williams, also smiling, while on a holiday to Tenby
Rhyddion was a "marvellous" dad, Chelsea said
Rhhyddion kisses Chelsea on the forehead, with one arm around her. He is wearing a green jumper and glasses. She is wearing a blue top
Rhyddion Williams and Chelsea Sterio at the pub after they first met

The death of his aunt, with whom he was very close growing up, marked a turning point in his life. He was happiest when outside but struggled when indoors and lived with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, anger issues and presumed symptoms of ADHD. For a period of time he attended the Forge Centre in Port Talbot for his mental health but the inquest heard he worried what people would think of him for doing this.

He met Chelsea Sterio in 2019 and moved in with her after two weeks. The couple had two daughters - Freya-Harper Williams and Florrie-Mae Williams. Freya-Harper was born with complex medical issues and Mr Williams became close with her as he learned to care for her. Shortly after Florrie-Mae was born, however, his mental health worsened, with Ms Sterio telling PC Mbunya her husband might have suffered a version of post-natal depression.

Mr Williams had been addicted to energy drinks when he was young, and later in his life developed an addiction to prescription painkillers; he would ask his GP for increased doses over an app when he ran out (these requests later being denied when GPs became concerned about his use). The inquest heard at one stage he took a month's supply of painkillers in three days, on another occasion a month's supply in a week, and he began to supplement this with illicit painkillers.

Where you can get support for your mental health in Wales

Mind Cymru - mental health charity working across Wales to support people in their communities. Call the infoline on 0300 123 33 93 Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm for information on mental health problems, where to get help near you, treatment options, advocacy services. Mind can also be contacted by email: info@mind.org.uk

Beat Cymru - leading eating disorder charity offering support and guidance for people worried about their own or someone else's health, support available 365 days a year on the Welsh helpline 0808 801 0433 or beateatingdisorders.org.uk

Community Advice & Listening Line (CALL) - Mental health helpline for people in Wales which offers emotional support and information for anyone concerned about their own mental health or a friend/family member's mental health. Call 0800 13 27 37 or text 'help' to 81066

Samaritans - For confidential support, Samaritans can be contacted around the clock 365 days a year on 116 123

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He went on a rabbit-shooting trip on October 31, and was dropped back at his house in Cymmer, Croeserw on November 1, after saying he had slipped and injured his back. Later that day, he made a call to his mother during which his speech was slurred and his eyes glazed over.

In the early hours of November 2, 2023, his fiancée found him unresponsive in his bed. Emergency services were called and Mr Williams was pronounced dead at 9.45am.

He was found in a post-mortem to have had a mixture of drugs, including a near-fatal dose of morphine, in his system. Assistant coroner Aled Gruffydd recorded a conclusion of a drug-related death, and said Mr Williams' death was due to an accidental overdose rather than suicide.