This is the moment a five-year-old riding a scooter was hit by an out of control car in Cardiff in a terrifying hit-and run. Little Casey Wilson's distraught mum wants the shocking CCTV footage to be shown in the hope anyone with information will come forward.

Casey had just left Sevenoaks Park in Grangetown with her brother and mum Rachel Bancroft when the horror unfolded. They were on their scooters going past the wall of Ninian Park School on Sloper Road when the car came down opposite them Langham Way. The car overtook another car at the junction, appeared to lose control and went straight across the road and hit Casey on her pink scooter.

She was taken to hospital but miraculously only suffered minor injuries in the alleged hit and run, but her mum who was walking behind her children is finding it hard to get over the shock.

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"We had had a lovely trip to the park and had just left to go home," she said. "It all happened so quickly and I just thought she was dead. I thought she had been killed in front of me. The car just lost control, crashed into Casey who went against the wall and then just drove off. I was just standing there screaming."

She says that Casey is also having difficulty getting over the trauma. "We were out the other day and a motorbike went past and the noise made Casey jump out of skin," says Rachel. "Another time we were walking and a bus went past and she was trying to get on the inside and was shaking. She is still terrified, and I keep replaying the moment in my head. It was like something out of a film.

"People out there know something. It is very lucky that my little girl wasn't killed and someone needs to come forward with information. Next time it might be a fatality."

The terrifying moment Casey was hit by the car
The terrifying moment Casey was hit by the car

The incident happened at around 6pm on Sunday March 24 on Sloper Road in Grangetown, at the start of the Easter holidays in Wales. South Wales Police are now appealing for the driver or anyone with information to contact South Wales Police.

A spokeswoman for South Wales Police said: "The suspect vehicle, a grey BMW, overtook a vehicle waiting at the junction of Langham Way and Sloper Road.

"It then mounted the pavement on Sloper Road and hit the five-year-old girl who was on her scooter on the way back from the park with her mum and brother."

Anyone with information or footage which might help identify this car and its driver, is asked to contact South Wales Police on 101 quoting occurrence number 2400097157. You can live chat police here or email