When you are thirsty an ice-cold fizzy Coke can be a perfect beverage. And according to social media users at Reddit one fast food outlet gets it spot on.

They believe McDonalds offers the perfect mix of fizz, strength and temperature, getting it right every time. And now scientists have backed their argument saying they have proved it tastes better at the fast food outlet than it does at home.

One expert has now explained the reason behind the perfect flavour. Food scientist Abbey Thiel says there is a good reason that makes Coke from the fast food outlet taste superior to buying a can from the corner store or getting it out of your kitchen fridge.

Thiel told Parade : "Soft drink producers will usually have their own water supplier or a filtration system to increase the quality of water. Most often, chlorine is removed as it can result in a ‘disinfectant’ taste, the water hardness will be adjusted since it affects the acidity of the drink, and iron will be removed to limit colour and flavour defects. Without this treatment, the end result is a Coke that has off-flavors and aromas due to low-quality, inconsistent water."

So, in other words, it is through rigorous water filtering procedures, that McDonald's makes sure your Coca-Cola not only tastes excellent but also reduces unwanted ingredients that could upset the flavour or prove harmful to health.

The popular notion that McDonald's Coke has a superior taste isn't just anecdotal, but has been backed by plenty of posters on a Reddit thread called 'Does McDonald's Coke really taste the best? reports the Mirror. Here numerous users praised the McDonald's version of the fizzy drink saying it tasted different.

One wrote: "Hands down, my favourite place to get a coke. Another said: "It's the straw that makes it. I used to get McDonald's on the way into the pizza place I ran."

Another claimed they would refill their McDonald's Coke with a different one yet it tasted the same. But they said the opposite was true if you had a different straw. They said: "I'd refill with our coke and it'd taste the same. I've also gotten mcd and forgot a straw so used our thinner ones. Taste nothing like mcd Coke. Sounds [ weird ] but try it. Needs to be a big straw."

McDonald's executives themselves confirmed in 2021 a theory that had been circulating about the distinct taste that it was about the straws. They revealed that the chain's straws have been designed wider than usual, allowing more Coke flavour to make contact with your taste buds.

Another factor contributing to the taste of McDonald's Coca-Cola is its specific method of preparation before serving. Extra effort is made in pre-cooling both the water and Coke syrup which are then combined in a carefully considered ratio that takes predicted ice melt into account.

This ensures the beverage retains its robust flavour. Thiel explained: "Most products are traditionally prepared as a syrup plus water mix, in a ratio of some one part (volume) syrup to between three and six parts (volume) water, this allows a concentrated batch of syrup to be made and then proportioned with water to form the final product."