The impact skincare can have on Millennials has firmly made its mark and is definitely here to stay. Lotions and potions have become a concrete part of our daily routines, with some prices becoming exceedingly steep.

Depending on the person you are and your intent on glazing your face, skincare routines can contain as little as two products to an outrageous 15-stepper. But for those looking for efficiency, ease and minimal effort, some brands are creating hybrid products to meet various specs - enter Glow Hub’s HY_Glaze Face Frosting Serum Drops. Try saying that five times fast.

A multipurpose, multifaceted gel marketed as a serum-primer-highlighter hybrid which could be used as any stage of your skincare and make-up routine. So for anyone looking to blend their skincare with foundation, HY_Glaze gives you that option.

Available in four shades - Glazed (clear), Sunrise (bronze), Golden hour (gold) and Love Flush (rose) - HY_Glaze covers a small range of tones. As someone with neutral undertones and pale skin like Casper, I knew my face wouldn’t be compatible with the deeper, richer colours.

For reference I tested out each of the serums on my arm, where you can see how they sat on someone with fair skin. Wiping Sunrise away left my arm with a faint hint of bronze, which was too dark for current complexion.

Glow Hub’s HY_Glaze Face Frosting Serum Drops
Glow Hub knows how to market itself a fun, fashionable skincare product

Love Rush was equally as intense when blended into my skin but didn’t leave as strong of a tinted glaze. I opted to use HY_Glaze in the colour Glazed for my face, a baby pink gel-cream which dries clear, the most suitable for my complexion.

I can’t say I was mad about the texture of the serum when applying it to my face. In my hand it felt heavy and slightly greasy, not something lightweight which I’d usually opt for, purely out of fear I’d be walking around with a thick mask on.

You have to let it sit and soak into the skin, because when it did, my fear of a sticky, gummy face vanished. Glow Hub’s HY_Glaze seeped into my cheeks without leaving a tacky layer, leaving me far less self-conscious about my glazed, shiny face.

Glow Hub’s HY_Glaze Face Frosting Serum Drops
From top to bottom: Glazed, Golden Hour, Sunrise and Love Flush

Infused with all the big ‘yes’ ingredients - niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, squalane, and vitamin E - it ticks off all the must-have potions I personally look for in skincare. I think any brand trying to grab the attention of shoppers needs to have those ingredients, they’re like catnip for skincare fanatics.

As time passed the serum became far less noticeable, which as someone who’s incredibly self conscious and self aware of the state of my skin, is a relief and one less anxiety to let go of. The highlighter aspect, especially with Glazed and Golden Hour, could be stronger, because as time goes on the ‘glazed’ aspect becomes subtle, even faint. So I question its longevity, especially in the heat as the seasons change.

One thing I very much enjoy is Glow Hub’s branding. I’m not entirely adverse to pink hues, but the jazzy, 70s-esque boxes reminded me of lava lamp in Austin Powers’ ‘sh*g pad'. The design is fun but not childish, eye-catching but not in your face.

Personally I’d prefer a slightly more pigmented serum to use as a highlighter, but that certainly doesn’t diminish its quality as a serum or primer. I also think the collection should enlarge its colour palette.

As someone who tends to wear cool-coloured tones, HY_Glaze’s four-colour palette is slightly limiting. But it’s just the beginning, so who knows where the serum will go.

For £16 per serum, I can’t really complain. It contains all the right ingredients, has versatility beyond a single-use product, and won’t break the bank. I’m all for magic hybrid products, but sometimes, something has to give, or isn’t quite at 100 per cent of its full potential.

What do other people say?

Customers at Glow Hub have already shared their 'glowing' reviews on the HY_Glaze Face Frosting Serum Drops. Amy commented: "Since using this product, my skin looks so much more hydrated and glowy. Sits beautifully under or over baby beam. Started to just use this in 'highlighter areas'... however I now just put it all over my face! Love it."

Scarlett wrote: "Love love LOVE this product. I tried the shade glazed. Gave me such a natural glow, perfect for clean girl no makeup vibes. I just added a bit of bronze and blush and was good to go. Love the fact it also works to repair skin whilst you wear it. Tried it with a full face for a night out, gave me a really radiant glow underneath makeup.

"Also gave sunrise and love flushed ago. Sunrise was good for adding a bronzey warmth to my face, evened out my skin tone - will ne one I take on holiday; Love flush was this amazing rosy colour, I used on my cheeks to add some gloss to my blush. Overall obsessed!!"

Alternatively, you can find the Revolution Fix & Glow Primer at Boots for £8, Glossier's viral Futuredew serum for £28, or the Versed Mood Lighting Luminizing Glow Drops in Sheer Gold for £16.50, from Cult Beauty.