Half of us say we have ducked out of a day’s work or other responsibilities to watch or attend a sporting event, with 3% of people admitting to missing the birth of their child. The study, commissioned by Topgolf UK, examined British attitudes towards major sporting events ahead of the Masters Tournament, looking at what people had already missed, and what they would be willing to, just to watch or attend.

4% of Brits also confessed to skipping a key childhood event, such as parents evening or sports day. When quizzed on which event have made Brits shirk their responsibilities the most, watching a one-off football game (32%) seems to be the most popular choice, with the football World Cup (27%), closely following in second.

Michael Angelides, Senior Director of International Marketing at Topgolf UK, said: “With a jam-packed sporting calendar ahead this summer, starting with next week’s Masters Tournament, we thought it was the perfect time to examine how Brits fit sporting events around their everyday tasks… and it turns out many don’t!

“Whilst we don’t recommend people shirking their responsibilities, all four Topgolf UK venues will be showing the tournament in full on our big screens from Thursday right through to Sunday 14 April.”