Hannah Waddingham has been praised for clapping back at a photographer at the Olivier Awards. While arriving at the hotly anticipated ceremony, the actress posed for photos outside the Royal Albert Hall on Sunday night (April 14), where she would be hosting.

A clip of the Ted Lasso star was shared on social media as a photographer allegedly made a comment about her legs, according to a video posted by a user called Odeiotedlasso. The awards hostess could be heard saying: “Oh my God, you’d never say that to a man."

She added: "Don’t be a d*** otherwise I’ll move off. Don’t say ‘show me leg.’ No.”

The actress shook her head and began walking off away. At one point in the video the actress can be heard telling the photographer: “Have a good night”.

In the caption of the viral video, Odeiotedlasso claimed: "Long story short: Hannah was being her gorgeous self and the [photographer] made some comment about her leg we couldn't quite make out and... well, the video speaks for itself. This woman is a role model."

The footage has since been shared by many other fans who have rushed to show their support online. BBC Radio 1 presenter Dean McCullough said: “Yeah so what were not gonna do is ask women like Hannah Waddingham to get their legs out for pictures… it’s 2024, grow up slimey old pap man.”

One X user replied: "I could not love her more! I absolutely LOVE that she stands her ground." Marilyn agreed: “Damn rude photographer. I’m glad she called him out! And I’m glad her friend Michael Ball was there to give her a hug; I’m sure she needed it in that moment.”

The Beagle said: “The snapper wanted her to show some leg and she politely said he wouldn’t ask a man to do that. Good for her." Lofty posted: “2024 and the Paparazzi still think its 1974.”