Britain's most famous horse race takes place at Aintree today as the Grand National is held.

Corach Rambler returns in a bid to re-take the crown after winning in 2023. There is a total of 32 runners taking part in this year's event.

There is a cash prize of over half a million pounds available to the winner, but that figure gets divvied before anything goes to the jockey.

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In a typical horse racing event, a jockey takes home between 8-9% of the winnings. Jockeys that place take about 3.5% of the money left in the pot after the winner takes their share.

How does that stack up in the Grand National this weekend?

With £500,000 on the table for the winner, the jockey for that horse will take home roughly £45,000, with most of that fee going to the horse's owner.

Going on the assumption that a placed effort gets 3.5% of the winnings, a second placed jockey at Aintree will take home £7,000 of the £200,000 reward for finishing second.

The full list of prize money can be viewed below.

  1. £500,000
  2. £200,000
  3. £100,000
  4. £65,000
  5. £40,000
  6. £30,000
  7. £20,000
  8. £15,000
  9. £10,000
  10. £5,000