Amazon shoppers are snapping up a huge box of 100 name brand biscuits as £16.47 is knocked off the price. Crawford's Assorted Mini Biscuits Packs contain 100 different packets and have been hailed as 'perfect for lunch'.

At £19.99, that means each biscuit packet - which contains three biscuits - is 19p each. This is cheaper than picking up the box from Staples (£28.70). Inside the box contains six different biscuits, which means there's a flavour - nearly - for every day of the week.

These include Rich Shortie (shortbread), Digestives, Ginger Nut, Fruit Shortcake, Bourbon Creams and Custard Creams. Crawford's is a very old biscuit brand from Scotland, originally making the treats for ships in a pub in Leith in 1813.

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The biscuit box is very well reviewed, coming in at 4.6 out of 1,621 reviews on Amazon. One person said: "Plenty of variety long lasting date good size box. Well worth it." Another said: "Love these biscuits in Individual packets . Means you can have a different biscuit every day. Nice and fresh and tasty."

A third remarked: "They have just the right amount to add to lunch boxes as a treat." A less pleased person wrote: "The biscuits are nice and very handy if you just want a little snack how ever the disappointment this was when we received them clearly they had been thrown around so quite a few of them were broken and I mean crumbs. So I think a little more care should be taken over handling them."

Rich Shortie, Digestives, Ginger Nut, Fruit Shortcake, Bourbon Creams and Custard Creams lined up from the Crawford's biscuit box
The flavours in the box include Rich Shortie, Digestives, Ginger Nut, Fruit Shortcake, Bourbon Creams and Custard Creams

Another added: "Buy these regularly for my company and was disappointed that this last box had barely one month before the use by date." However, another reviewer disagreed, saying: "Bought this pack for when we had builders in as I hate opening a big pack and having them go to waste if they don’t like them. These are perfect and the shelf life was over a year! Great for frequent travellers, popping in your bag for the office or for unexpected company."

You can pick up the Crawford's Assorted Mini Biscuits Packs (100) for £19.99 on Amazon.

Or if you want something a little bit more indulgent, the Cadbury & Oreo Big Box of Treats is now just £15.79, down from £21. This is cheaper than getting it from Cadbury (£21) or Staples (£18.88).

In total, there are 23 packs of Oreos, 18 Time Out Wafer bars, 15 Snack! bars and eight packs of Cadbury Nibbly Fingers. The bumper box is an ideal collection for packed lunches, sharing out in the office or at a party buffet.