One team were unable to work together, leading to a fiery exit from the show on BBC One's Interior Design Masters when they were tasked with renovating a Swansea cafe. On the show, the budding interior designers were split into teams of two and each given a Swansea cafe to restore.

Francesca and Domnall were paired together by the series judge, Michelle Ogundehin, and given the independent cafe - Full of Graze - nestled on the Mumbles seafront, to renovate. But the pair struggled to work together, clashing over the colour scheme and which prints and artwork to use in the cafe.

They particularly struggled to pick chairs, with Domnall opting for chairs that were too small and needed extenders, which did not impress Michelle and her guest judge for the week, Nisha Katona, who owns the Mowgli Street Food chain. Francesca also messed up when she made the benches for the cafe too high.

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Despite the owner of Full of Graze, Jenny, liking the new design, she said: "Oh my gosh! I love the seating, it is warm, the cork kinda leather material works... it is really nice", Francesca and Domnall lost the challenge and had to fight to remain in the competition. Want less ads? Download WalesOnline’s Premium app on Apple or Android.

Explaining to Michelle what happened, Domnall said "it was difficult on occasions" to work with Francesca. Francesca said: "I think what happened for me, with us, is that you stopped showing me things because you didn't want to hear me question things and in the end, you never showed me what you were doing. That was very stressful because there was artwork I didn't think worked in the space, the shelving was completely different from what we discussed."

As they continued to disagree over the chairs, with Francesca getting emotional, Michelle had to step in, and said: "No, stop. I want you both to feel like you've said everything you want to say but we are getting upset." While Domnall refused to take responsibility for the chairs, Francesca did hold her hands up and admit that she made the benches in the cafe too high.

As Francesca admitted her mistake she remained in the competition and Michelle sent Domnall home. Michelle said: "Domnall, you are so talented and so brilliant but you are fighting so hard to still be right. So I am so sorry but you will be the person that I will send home this week."

Speaking about leaving the show, Domnall said: "I don't necessarily think the comments were fair. It was very difficult to hold my hand up and say 'yeah the chairs were my decision' when they weren't." You can keep up to date with the latest TV and showbiz news by signing up to the newsletter here.