The first trailer for Joker: Folie à Deux has come out and it is giving people 'the chills'. The two and a half minutes-long video has been a hit with fans, with many calling it 'genius', 'brilliant' and 'incredible'.

The movie is set to arrive in cinemas October 4, 2024. Uploading the clip onto YouTuber, Warner Brothers wrote in the caption: "He's not alone anymore."

Starring Joaquin Phoenix, who played as BC comic's Batman's nemesis the Joker in the first film, and Lady Gaga, Joker: Folie à Deux is being described as a psychological thriller and a musical. It follows on from the first Joker, which saw Phoenix's character, Arthur Fleck, put into a mental institution.

From there, the trailer shows him meeting Harley Quinn (played by Lady Gaga), who is also a patient at the institution. Fleck continues his reign of terror across Gotham City, but this time, he has Quinn by his side.

In one scene from the trailer, the pair dance in the middle of the street, while another shows Fleck being dragged across the floor by police. Another moment shows Quinn attending a court hearing while loyal Joker fans wait outside, holding 'Free Joker' signs.

The trailer ends with Quinn drawing a lipstick red smile on a pane of glass as Fleck, who is on the other side of it, moves towards it and replicates the smile. Since its release only a few hours ago, the trailer has already been watched more than three million times on YouTube.

Thousands of fans shared their thoughts in the comment section. One fan wrote: "That lost scene gave me absolute chills. The smile into the mirror was incredible." A second put: "GAGA coming for that Oscar. The end gave me chills!!!"

A third added: "That end scene with the lipstick. Gave me chills!" A fourth penned: "how they ended this trailer on that lipstick and how he brought his mouth behind that smile. BOOOOOM mind blown away, blown away literally."

One viewer raved: "That glass lipstick smile……..GENIUS. PURE GENIUS." One more echoed: "That final shot with the lipstick was INCREDIBLE." Others said the trailer gave them "goosebumps".

Another said: "I haven't been this excited for a movie in a very very long time." Someone else typed: "This looks so good, the way they're doing the musical aspect looks so well done."

Another declared: "Everyone involved in this film should be really proud of themselves. This looks freaking beautiful, and amazing. It’s moments like this that make me believe in the power of movies again." However, some people weren't convinced and were unsure about the film being labelled as a musical.