A bride and groom on Married At First Sight Australia have decided to end their relationship and go their separate ways. It comes after viewers were left stunned last week after Tristan admitted he was in love with Cass - but she made it clear she didn't have the same feelings for him.

In the latest episode shown on E4 (Monday, April 15, series 11, episode 29), the relationship experts quizzed the remaining couples on what had been going well, and not so well, for them over the last week. Wwhilst some relationships appeared to have progressed, others were said to be breaking down.

Explaining what led to their split, Tristan told the experts: "Well, my fears have sort of happened. I told someone that I was in love with them and they rejected me. And then I just, you know, I kind of retreated."

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Asked by the experts how she felt about her relationship with Tristan, Cass replied: "Sad and I guess, maybe a bit disappointed. But then having some time apart, we've spent this week reflecting on our relationship - and we decided that we're ready to accept the fact that we're just going to be friends."

"We had a chat about it and we said: 'Where are we actually at?' We talked about it and it felt a bit like closure to me, like we were both on the same page," added Tristan.

Explaining how she felt after she and Tristan decided to split-up, Cass continued: "I was just sad. I did have hope at the back of my mind that something wonderful would happen. I came in here for a husband, I wanted love, I don't want to go home without it - but it doesn't work out that way, that's life."

Turning to Tristan before sharing her decision to leave the programme, and their relationship, she added: "I think the next woman that will be with you will be the luckiest woman in the world to have you.... [I voted] leave."

"Cass you broke my heart but I'm glad you were the one who broke my heart... You're the first person I've told I'm falling in love for, and either way, you're stuck in my life now forever," Tristan replied. "[I'm] going to work on myself and maybe we can reconnect in the future."

Viewers were surprised by the couple's decision. On X, one fan of Married At First Sight Australia said: "I don't think Tristan is in love; he's just confused. Cass tried her absolute best, and she's an honest, beautiful, and understanding lady. Love her.

"Tristan is a lovely man but needs to work on his insecurities b4 [before] embarking on another relationship."

"Aww Cassandra and Tristan," commented another viewer. "I wish they had worked they had so much potential, I hope Tristan learns to truly love himself, and then he will be able to love.

"Hope Cassandra finds her man to sweep her off her feet & give her the love she truly deserves."

"Poor Tristan," said another viewer. "The experts really screwed him over. He wanted out and was guilt-tripped by them, then fell for her only for Cassandra to say bye and he is left heart-broken."

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