An expert has explained the reasons why he believes men aren't approaching women in person any more. Speaking to podcast host Steven Bartlett on his show, Diary of a CEO, former Love Island contestant Chris Williamson shared his thoughts on dating and how hard it can be.

Chris, who appeared on the first series of Love Island in 2015, said one in three men between the ages of 18 and 30 hasn't had sex in the last year. He also claimed 80% of men report not approaching a woman because they are scared of being seen as creepy.

He added: "And 45% of 25-45 year old women will be single and childless. You can start to see how this imbalance could cause a problem. This is a very difficult conversation."

Commenting on the Me Too movement - an awareness campaign against sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and rape culture - Chris said: "Me Too was a necessary requirement to call powerful men to account for misbehaving and using their power to gain sexual access to women.

"What it sought to do was to sanitize the toxic elements of certain male's behaviour. What it ended up doing is it sterilized almost all of it.

"84% of men report not approaching a woman because they are scared of being seen as creepy and 84% of women say that they want the man to make the first move. Women are terrified of being approached by men because of stories of sexual assault, of dangers within the workplace, of overreach by men that are both in power and out of power."

He continued: "Men are terrified of approaching women for fear of being accused of all of those things. So, we have an epidemic of loneliness and sexlessness amongst the sexes. For the first time in our four million year history, we have large cohorts of both men and women who want relationships and can't get into them."

In terms of how men can help themselves become more confident to approach women in person, Chris suggests deleting dating apps and practising real-life interactions "The only way that you're going to learn how to interact with a woman is by doing it," he said.

"It's not the sort of thing that you're going to be able to work out on the internet." Explaining the 'basic' rules men should already know, Chris added: "I mean the basic stuff, like don't stand super close to her, don't do it in a dark alleyway at night, don't stare for ages without saying anything right - these are very basic, rudimentary objective metrics that we can give.

"But really what it comes down to is just have a bit of charm about you." Diving into some interesting stats, Chris then said: "20% of relationships begin online and 20% of relationships begin on social media - that means two out of five relationships begin online - and they're the most fragile.

"They're the ones that drop the quickest, they're the ones that don't last as long. We are in uncharted waters here people, with regards to the mating world, we are in uncharted waters."