‘Innocent or guilty? You decide,’ the tagline reads for The Murder Trial, an event coming to Wales this spring. Based on the true stories of murderers Dennis Nilsen and Jeffrey Dahmer, the show invites audiences to join the jury for the Welsh date of 100 date tour.

For Welsh audiences, they’ll be attempting to uncover the truth about the fictional Jack Brewer murders at the event which will be held at The Meadows, Caerphilly on Saturday, May 11. A synopsis teases: “Jack Brewer has been charged with the murder of Julia Moores, Robert Harwin and Lee Barnes. Extensive police work and forensics suggests Brewer could have murdered up to 23 people over a period spanning decade -their identities unknown."

Tickets access you to the Courtroom Arena where you will find a fully licensed bar, street food vendors, your set on the jury of 12, the live immersive show, evidence bundles to examine, your juror card and verdict sheet. You will be asked to consider the evidence set out before you and try the case on the facts alone. Hear the examination and cross-examination produced by real barristers before hearing from the defendant himself, finally retire to consider your position before delivering your jury verdict.

Ticket prices range from £54 and £90 depending on how much of the action you wish to be involved in. If you pay the full £90 then you’ll get front row seats. Purchase tickets for The Murder Trial Live here.

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The synopsis continues: “Julia Moors was last seen on 31st December 2022 at a New Years Eve party in Clapham, she was seen on CCTV walking north along Clapham High Street towards the tube station at 2255 - after which she was never seen again. There is no digital footprint of her beyond the purchase of 4 bottles of wine on New Years Eve in 1854, and an Instagram post in 2044. On the evening of 20th January 2023 police excavated remains at an allotment in North London following reports of a body. Police immediately traced the owner of the plot to a Jack Brewer in Finchley.

”Police raided Jack Brewers home address in Finchley, North London on the 20th January 2023. Upon access, nothing could brace them for what they were about to discover...inside the flat were human remains found in squalor conditions belonging to at least 21 other people, their identities at present unknown. Forensics confirm at least three bodies have been subject to cannibalistic activity. Extensive forensic work & post mortem has confirmed the remains of two others to be Robert Harwin (reported missing July 2018) and Lee Barnes (reported missing December 2021).”

The live show's tour has been announced just as the Channel 4 series, The Jury: Murder Trial airs - the groundbreaking series reveals how the jurors react to see if they reach the same verdict. You can find out more about that, here.