An evil sex abuser made his child victim so fearful she even dreaded her beloved dad tucking her into bed at night. William Stuart James, now 86, first attacked his victim when she was under 10 years old and ignored her pleas begging him to stop.

James, of Waun y Felin, Penclawdd, Swansea, repeatedly assaulted his victim during a period of time in the 1970s. His abuse included digital penetration, kissing and touching parts of her body until she felt pain. He also forced her to touch his penis.

A second campaign of abuse happened in the 1980s when the victim was a young teenager. By this point, James' actions escalated to rape. He also forced her to touch his body and masturbate him.

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After evading justice for more than four decades while his victim lived, silenced by fear, James was found guilty on March 22 at Cardiff Crown Court following a trial. He faced eight counts of indecent assault and one of rape before being sentenced to 14 years in prison.

In a powerful victim impact statement read out to the court, his victim - who has automatic lifelong anonymity - described how James' actions permeated every part of her life and even made her fear the people she loved. For the latest Swansea news, sign up to our newsletter here

James smiling in a house
James' victim feared other men in her life because of his actions

Now in her 50s, she told the court: "You put me in impossible situations where I had to endure things that made me feel broken, dirty and deeply distressed. From the first incident I felt terrified of you and increasingly of all men, even my precious dad as he tucked me into bed. You robbed me of growing into a person who trusts men and can eventually have a normal sexual relationship.

"I cannot do certain intimate things and have anxiety in the middle of them and at times even kissing puts me straight back into the past. Because of what you did I struggled to breastfeed my precious babies and having simple things like a bath cause me anxiety as I want to cover up as quick as possible."

Mug of William Stuart James wearing blue jumper
The police mugshot of William Stuart James

She explained how she had always struggled with understanding her identity as a direct result of James' actions and resented parts of her own body. "[I] have always felt immense guilt and thought something was wrong with my body and it always felt dirty. I grew up believing my body was ugly and deformed," she said. Support award-winning journalism with WalesOnline’s Premium app on Apple or Android

Despite being a "naturally happy" person, she described how James' actions caused her intense anxiety and fear throughout her life. She tried to speak out about what happened, but said the fear would stop her in her tracks. She added: "Your insistence of me promising never to tell anyone caused me immense pressure and silent worry. I felt forced to act in a certain way in front of everyone and not show anything was wrong. I carried the heaviest burden whilst you lived your successful life.

"My life has been far from successful, after what you did to me, my ability to learn was ruined as I couldn’t ask for help or explain myself at all as I was full of nerves. I never caught up or felt I achieved in education. I was robbed of my confidence and voice and have always struggled to say what my needs are and ask for help

"Even my school reports said I was a nervous and anxious child. I felt totally alone at school and growing up was made worse after I’d gone through puberty and another dreadful time where I’d endured repeats and escalations of sexual abuse by you.

"I felt manipulated and whilst you insisted everything was ok and just as it should be, my inability to understand what was happening to me made me feel worthless. The things you whispered in my ears play over and over again when I least expect them, and flashbacks of the incidents have plagued my mind ‘til this day. I have struggled to regulate my feelings and often turned to alcohol and struggled with eating problems

"I find it hard to express myself at times and often feel insecure and misunderstood. Naturally I am a happy, friendly person, but the silent pain that I as a young child began to carry has overshadowed all of my life to this day. For many years it felt like a little person inside was crying out ‘please help me’ but I could never speak that out."

Addressing James, she said: "Can you for one minute think about what it was like for me to be forced to do sexual stuff with you and then walk out of those rooms and immediately act as if everything was okay. The immensity of anxiety to try to hide what had just happened in those rooms was deeply distressing. Equally, the desperation to tell someone was soul destroying as I knew I couldn’t."

She asked him if he had "any idea how gut wrenching my cries were" for her mummy and daddy to take her away from him. "No-one heard and no-one helped me or comforted me. You were solely responsible for all of that."

Accessing support if you've been a victim of abuse

Support for survivors of sexual abuse is available from many different charities and organisations. The following non-exhaustive list includes contact details for services that may help if you've been affected by the issues raised in this article.


  • 0808 802 0808 (freephone)
  • 07717 989 022 (textline)
  • Support for survivors of rape and sexual abuse, and anyone supporting them. Includes a helpline, text support, and email counselling.

The National Association for People Abused in Childhood (NAPAC)

  • 0808 801 0331
  • Supports adult survivors of any form of childhood abuse. Offers a helpline, email support, and local services.

One in Four

  • 0800 121 7114
  • Offers advocacy services, counselling, and resources for adults who have experienced trauma or domestic or sexual abuse in childhood.


  • 0808 800 5005 (National Male Survivor helpline)
  • Helplines for adults and young people who have experienced sexual abuse and rape.

The Survivors Trust

  • 0808 8010 818
  • Lists local specialist services for survivors of sexual violence, including advocates and independent sexual violence advisers (ISVAs).

Rape Crisis England & Wales

  • 0808 802 9999
  • Support for women and girls affected by rape, sexual abuse, or any form of sexual violence. Provides details of local centres.

She thanked friends and family for supporting her and giving her the courage to report James' crimes to the police in 2021. She said: "I have tried throughout the years to talk about what happened and to get help but I‘ve found this difficult. It is through friends and family that I've had the strength to talk to the police now. I have felt guilt over this as I never wanted to hurt anyone, but I decided that this deep pain must come to an end and speaking the truth out loud will help me finally start to heal."

Concluding her statement, she told the court how James had said "sorry" twice during phone calls, but never showed "any remorse or acknowledgement of the pain he made [her] endure".

She added: "You have always spoken with convincing words and it has been said many times what a good man you are. You convinced everyone around you to believe it. But now, finally, the truth of your total lack of morality, self-discipline and real love is evident for all who are here to see. Everything in your life has always come down to you having your own way and your sexual appetite being gratified. The boundaries that stop normal people crossing, you cross with ease."