Since 2022 the Welsh Government has been encouraging action to drive down second home ownership all over the country. Only three county councils have yet to introduce any premium on second homes - but our readers’ comments on the strategy are mixed.

You can read here all of the increases that have happened so far and what they might mean for your area, with some councils charging up to 300% more in tax for long-term empty property. Some readers fear that these plans, meant to free up homes for locals, may drive them away altogether.

Freeglamorgan says: “The rental market in Wales has certainly got a lot worse for renters in the past few years. It's been demonstrated time and time again that ideological meddling in the rental market always ends in a worse situation for lower-income people.”

Amroth reckons there's not enough reason for most to stick around in their local county. “Lets blame everyone else as we have come to expect from Labour/ second/holiday home owners... The biggest factor in people moving out of their areas is the lack of jobs and prospects... You cannot get a mortgage on 16 hours a week or zero hours contract…”

“Driving money + inward investment that has benefits into local businesses out of Wales is the best policy for crippling Wales. Good grief!”, says Sertis. But cs1 replied: "Inward investment isn't the same as someone buying a perfectly habitable property that needs no work and leaving it empty until the price rises because supply has been squeezed by those buying properties and leaving them empty. The word for that is exploitation."

For those councils that have raised their premiums, increases range from 75% to up to 300%. Tens of thousands of homes across Wales, being second homes or long-term empty, could be affected.

Youhatewales supports the policy: “One of the best policies WG has brought in. Local houses for local people should always come first. Railcrane says “This is great. Should be 300% council tax premium on all second homes. If you don't like it the M4 and A55 is well signposted."

Trailorboy sees no need to cater to short-term lets either: “The 'happy glampers' and 'Airbnb'ers' bring very little of value, just an increase in seaside HMOs for seasonal workers on less than living wage earnings.”

AndyGudgeon wants to see the evidence that the levy is working: “How many local kids can now afford houses and have settled in the areas? Surely that is the performance indicator we should be measuring now. I am guessing none.”

Fifth_account thinks the situation is self-inflicted and said “it also has to be accepted that in the 60s people buying and renovating derelict empty properties was an economic boost, fast forward 60 years and too many second homes in an area is economically damaging, and now being discouraged.”

Do you think that the second home premium is a good idea? Add your thoughts in the comments section below.