Parents have been loving a product being sold on Amazon that they say has been helping their children with additional and sensory needs. Many mums and dads have been so impressed that the item currently has hundreds of five-star reviews online.

The product being praised is Sensory Sox's Full-Body Stretchy Body Sock, which is designed to relieve stress and anxiety. Parents can buy the Stretchy Body Sock on Amazon for £15 for a large in the colour blue, or £17.99 for a small version in the same colour.

There are other colours to pick from, including lime green and pink, but prices for those vary. According to Amazon, the stretchable body wrap carefully and comfortably covers your child's arms, shoulders, legs, and feet.

Its 'lightweight', 'breathable' and 'calming' fabric provides deep pressure stimulation and helps to promote body awareness. A description of the item reads: "The body sock is a fun and exciting tool creating a protective and imaginative space for children and adults.

"It is excellent for tactile stimulation, sensory integration, body boundaries, and self-expression. Our body sock helps to promote body awareness in children by providing them with extra feedback from there body parts.

"It can help children with autism, sensory processing disorder and motor planning skills, while establishing spatial and body awareness." The body sock is made of a machine-washable, stretchy Lycra material.

Body sock
It can be a great tool for kids who have autism, ADHD, or sensory integration challenges

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So far, the body sock has been given an overall score of 4.4 stars out of five, with 70% of reviews all five star. Pip wrote: "My son loves this so much it helps him calm and down and also helps him settle this is really great and stops him stealing all the blankets to enclose himself with the fabric is breathable which makes me a lot less worried about him accidentally suffocating himself."

Fiona put: "My ASD son likes to feel “enclosed” so this is perfect for him. He uses it frequently, and I’m not sure how it’s not burst to be honest! Great product." Kat added: "Bought this for my teenage daughter with ASD. She is 5'4 and can get in it just about. She finds it comfortable and she she has used it when feeling overwhelmed."

Sinclair admitted: "Bought this for my son who loves it. He even sleeps in it, in fact a can’t get him out of it when he’s in the house! It brings him such comfort & security! My Best Buy in a long time!" Emily penned: "This has worked wonders for my son. When he’s overwhelmed he can pop this on and have a wriggle about. The resistance really helps to calm him."

However, some shoppers complained their body sock ripped easily. One customer said: "My son loves this but the buttons have fallen off. I can’t sew them back on because of the fittings. Really disappointed with the poor quality of the product for the price."

Louise added: "Disappointed that after 2 days use it already has one large hole and 2 on the way along the seam." Amazon isn't the only retailer selling sensory body socks.

Elsewhere, Sensory Direct is selling its own version for £28.50. Wowcher is also offering a Stretchy Sensory Body Sock for £16.99 instead of £29.99. Other sensory clothing items available online include this Compression Vest for Kids for £24.99 that helps to "ensure a secure feeling".

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