People have gone wild for a certain superstar who is currently listed as a cast member in the upcoming Cruella sequel. Many people have taken to social media to share their excitement after searching 'Cruella 2' on Google.

In screenshots shared online, the one and only Taylor Swift has been listed among the cast. Her name sits alongside Kirby Howell-Baptiste and Emma Stone - who plays the lead role of Cruella herself.

Directed by Craig Gillespie, the sequel follows on from the 2021 movie, with the plot still under wraps. However, there has been speculation that Swift may play the villain in the upcoming film.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, Tiktokonclock1 posted: "When you search the cast of ‘Cruella 2’, Taylor Swift appears to be part of it, according to Google. It has been a long-time rumour that she is a part of the film as a villain, as her photo has been seen in the first movie."

Swiftie_crazier added: "I saw a post on IG talking about Taylor Swift appearing on the new movie of CRUELLA 2 and I thought it was fake until I checked it on google myself and it's true. Idk how to feel about it bc she isn't an actress and I don't want people hating on her if her acting isn't the best."

Benolimer put: "This has been like this since months. I really hope she is in it, she was rumoured to play the villain." SwiftieSpice pointed out: "I actually believe this because she was pictured in the first Cruella too." Cupisobasic wrote: "Taylor swift..... Dalam cruella 2? Are you guys being fffrrr right now???"

However, some people have their doubts it would seem. TSwiftEdits_13 said: "Taylor appears as part of the cast of Cruella 2 on Google, it has been rumoured for a long time that she will appear in the film This may be fake since before the Midnights tracklist was released on 2022, on Google it appeared a tracklist that ended up being fake."

Little is yet known about the upcoming sequel. But, speaking to Variety in a recent interview, Emma Stone issued an update on the development of Cruella 2. "You tell me. Hopefully sooner, rather than later," She said.

"There's a work in progress kind of thing going on. Yeah, yeah. We'll see... She's a blast, so we'll see." In May 2021, both Emma Stone and Thompson stated that they would like to do a second Cruella film in the style of The Godfather Part II, serving as both a sequel and prequel.