Wedding experts and hosts of The Unfiltered Bride podcast Georgia Mitchell and Beth Smith have named the best age to get married. The pair appeared on the Talk Twenties podcast to chat about all things wedding planning, marriage and relationships.

Georgia told founder and host of Talk Twenties, Gaby Mendes, the perfect age to get married is 30. Georgia said: “Married at 30, to me that was like the perfect time.”

Gaby asked: “What’s the average, would you say?” Beth replied: “28 to 32.” Georgia, who married her husband Brian at the end of 2022, said she was glad she didn’t get married at a young age.

“I’m so thankful that we didn’t get married at 22 or 24. So we had a child when I was 21, and I was like we should be getting married now ‘cause we’ve done that," she said.

“And I’m so glad we didn’t. If I was recommending it for my daughter, I would say thirty.” The video has been viewed over 51,500 times.

Many people shared their thoughts and own experiences with getting engaged and married in the comment section. Athomewithlauren said: “Love your podcasts. But okay to have children at 21, marriage at 30? Surely bringing a child into this world is a bigger responsibility?”

SophL wrote: “Right so best time to get married is 30....right. Okay. Pass me the vodka please." Amy commented: “Got engaged at 22. Getting married next March just after my 24th birthday. Been with my fiancé since 2020. I feel like when you know, you know.”

BellaandByron wrote: “Married at 21 and this year we are celebrating our silver wedding anniversary. had a blast and looking forward to planning this celebration.” RebbecaWB said: “Married at 21, daughter at 23 .. I’m 32 this year and couldn’t image only just starting doing all this now.”

Bethjupp24 commented: “Wooo getting married on my 30th but we were the same, had a child early one and I was desperate to get married sooner. glad we've waited!”

Libertybellbakery said: “I really needed to hear this. I’ve been with my partner 6 and a half years, we had a baby at 18 and it’s always really bothered me we aren’t married or engaged at 24.” Ailish revealed: “I got married at 25, divorced before 30. Thought I had to marry him as had a baby at 21. We live and learn!”