Plans to bring two new major attractions to Cardiff Bay are still on according to the developers behind the proposals. Proposals for an outdoor floating swimming pool and a 90m viewing platform were unveiled in December 2022.

Cardiff Council's cabinet members gave their approval not long after to an in-principle agreement to dispose of land at Cardiff Bay to Nordic Urban and Skyview who will deliver the swimming pool and viewing platform respectively. A Nordic Urban spokesman has now said it "very much intends for the development to go ahead".

The Finland-based company has an outdoor swimming facility, similar to what it is proposing for Cardiff, in Helsinki. The development, proposed for two of the Mount Stewart Graving Docks, would also include a sauna, restaurant, outdoor seating, and multi-purpose spaces for events and wellness activities. For more Cardiff news sign up to our newsletter here.

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However a planning application has not yet been submitted to Cardiff council. The Nordic Urban spokesman added: "During the last year we have worked on the various necessary contracts and studied the preconditions for design further.

"This has taken us slightly longer than we anticipated but has to be done before entering into the next phase of the project." Nordic Urban has proposed bringing similar facilities to other cities across the world including New York, Stockholm, and Oslo.

A Skyview spokes,an insisted the company's Cardiff project is "still on" and said the company has undertaken a pre-planning application. The spokesman added the company is now waiting for the remaining elements of the Atlantic Wharf development to fall into place.

An outdoor floating pool seen at dusk
Nordic Urban is the same company behind the Allas Sea Pool in Helsinki

Skyview's 90m high balloon ride with a rotating viewing platform has been proposed for unused land close to the Red Dragon Centre. Cardiff council was given the go-ahead by cabinet members in 2023 to sign an agreement with Live Nation to allow enabling works for a new arena planned for Cardiff Bay to commence.

Construction on the 15,000 capacity arena, which is part of a scheme to redevelop Atlantic Wharf, could begin in June 2024. Skyview, like Nordic Urban, is yet to submit a full planning application.

The Skyview spokesman added: "Hopefully the project will move significantly forward in the very near future." The proposed viewing platform would give panoramic views of the city and the waterfront of up to 20 miles.