Have you ever wondered how good your mental coordination actually is? Well, the team at Lenstore has produced this crafty, perplexing brainteaser.

It has been said to leave even the smartest of Brits struggling to say their words properly. There are several different colours spelled out.

However, the font colour of the text does not match correctly to the word. This causes the brain to go into overdrive whilst coordinating your eyes and mouth simultaneously if spoken out loud.

This is because the right hemisphere of your brain is trying to pronounce the colour. Meanwhile, the left hemisphere insists on pronouncing the word.

Be warned! It takes the average Brit three times to finish correctly, with one in 10 giving up completely.

Can you say the colours right within 25 seconds?

The aim of the brainteaser is to accurately pronounce the colour instead of the word, from start to finish, without making a mistake. Brits fail this on average three time before getting right completely.

On average, this brainteaser takes around 25 seconds to complete in the correct order. If you do it in less time, you may have heightened intellectual abilities.

Studies have shown that the more you exercise your brain with tricky puzzles, the smarter you tend to be. According to Clear Eyes, your eyes take in an enormous amount of information very quickly.

It only takes 13 milliseconds for the human eye to process an image. The brain continues to process subconsciously after “seeing” the image. This means your eyes are constantly trying to figure out what they’re seeing and the brain is constantly telling them what to look at next.