The Sims is one of the most recognisable video games around the world, recently passing its 24th birthday in February of this year. The life simulation game is in its fourth generation, Sims 4.

As part of the game, players can create their own unique characters, take control of their lives and build dream homes. There are many expansion packs available, such as Cottage Living, Seasons and High School.

One of The Sims’ most recent expansion packs releases has caused a stir amongst some video game fans, however. At the end of 2023, Electronic Arts (EA) released The Sims: For Rent, which allows you to play as a tenant or landlord in Residential Rental lots.

As property owners, Sims can be present property managers, living among their tenants. Or they can live in a separate residence while generating income from several property investments. However, if they don’t look after their digs, landlords could face consequences, like a Tenant Revolt.

Sharing her opinion of the expansion pack on Slate, writer Elle Hunt said: "With 'For Rent', The Sims has perhaps moved too far toward reflecting brutal reality, forcing players to choose between being on one side or the other of an often fractious and all-too-familiar power imbalance.

"As a child, I was drawn to The Sims as a role-play for adulthood, a world of expansive promise and possibility. Playing For Rent, I was reminded, depressingly, of how the game is rigged."

The expansion pack is priced at £34.99. Some fans relished in new game play and took to social media to share their thoughts, with C.izettaholland joking: “You’re telling me I can make my own ‘Only Murders in the Building’?” The.blondesimmer commented: “Time to be the slumlord I have always dreamed of."

Juno Burch added: “This looks so good! I’m so excited to be the worst tenant ever and bang on the walls yes that’s happening.” However, others said they experiences issues while trying to play the game.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, Ailaravenshire posted: "Honestly I was so excited for For Rent, but as soon as I started playing with it, I quit, why? because it's so damn laggy and unplayable."

Jackofallgames7 added: "This makes me so sad! Anyone else had this bug in For Rent? There’s so much fixing the EP still needs." Pretty_Blah_ wrote: "For Rent is too frikken buggy and it's driving me crazy."

EA has been approached for comment.