Skincare fans looking for ‘plumped’ and ‘youthful’ skin have been heaping praise on a newly-launched oil that’s said to ‘smooth skin texture’ and leave your complexion ‘glowing’.

Beauty brand Nip & Fab has launched a powerful new skincare saviour with a ‘ground-breaking’ formula that ‘works for everyone’ no matter their age or skin type. And the best part? It’s under £30.

The Peptide Fix Finishing Oil 2% launched in April and contains hero ingredient copper peptide - typically found in premium products - which works to deliver plumper, firmer skin by aiding collagen production.

Skincare experts suggest your collagen begins depleting after the age of 25, but as collagen molecules are too large to be absorbed into the skin through products, these smaller peptides like the ones found in Nip & Fab’s oil can penetrate the skin and encourage your cells to produce more collagen.

As well as the potent peptide, it also contains other skin-loving ingredients like Bakuchiol, a plant-based alternative to retinol, as well as nourishing oils like almond, grapeseed and baobab which work to soften and moisturise the skin.

The new Nip & Fab oil costs less than £30
The new Nip & Fab oil costs less than £30

According to shoppers, its light and non-greasy texture means it doesn’t feel thick or uncomfortable on your skin, making it the perfect last step in any skincare routine. Just remember to shake well before use.

One beauty influencer, Yasmin Buachie, who has been using the oil as part of her nighttime skin routine, has hailed it as a 'game changer' thanks to the results that leave her waking up with "pillowy plump skin", the Mirror reports.

And it's not just Yasmin who's a fan of the product as, shortly after it was released, beauty buffs raced to Nip + Fab's website to share their thoughts.

One said: "Gives you the most radiant glow. Absolutely love it," while another declared it was 'not your typical facial oil' and said: "Presented in a bottle with a pipette dropper tool, the bottle should be shaken before dispensing a few drops in your hand and warming the formulation up. The colour blue is from the copper included but does not stain the skin when sweeping over and pressing into the face, neck, and chest. I love how light this oil feels on the skin when applied as the last step in your skincare routine.

"Absorbing quickly, it leaves the skin perfectly nourished without that greasy or oily feeling some oils can leave behind when sitting on top of the skin. Beautifully lightweight with specific ingredients to influence the skin, this is an upgrade from your typical emollient facial oil."

A third stated it was a 'new must-have in any facial regime' and added: "I absolutely love this,it is so easy to apply & makes my skin feel extremely hydrated & plump, a new must-have in any facial regime!"

Being relatively new, the product hasn't received any negative reviews as of yet, although in order for the oil to work its magic, it must be shaken in the bottle first to combine the oils in the formula as it's unlikely to be as effective if the finishing oil is separated in two in the pipette (it will show as being a cloudy liquid and blue liquid - once combined, it will be one colour, a sky blue).

Elsewhere skincare fans rave about Elemis' Superfood Facial Oil, £31.51 on Amazon, as well as Charlotte Tilbury's Collagen Superfusion Facial Oil., £27 on Cult Beauty.

Although if you're intrigued by Nip + Fab's newest launch, get it from the website here.