People are only just learning that the actor who plays a beloved Stranger Things character is a famous musician. Joe Keery, who is known for playing the role of Steve Harrington in the Netflix series, is also known as singer Djo.

A single he released back in 2022 called 'End of Beginning' has become a viral sensation on TikTok and other social media. Djo's sudden shot to worldwide acclaim has seen him now reach a whopping 41.9m monthly listeners on Spotify, and become the 73rd most listened to artist on the streaming platform.

As the song has risen in popularity online this year, with 318m listens on Spotify, people have been mind-blown after finding out who Djo really is. On TikTok, popular content creator Jarred Jermaine uploaded a video telling him millions of followers: "Did you know Steve from Stranger Things (Joe Keery) made music?"

He added: "His band Djo has this song going viral right now End Of Beginning." Unsurprisingly the comment section has blown up with many people left in awe after finding out.

Cole replied: "No way that’s him." Pollz admitted: "I thought this was a tame impala song." Corsaire added: "Joe Keery is from DJO??? how am I only finding out now? I've been a fan since 2019!!!"

Lily exclaimed: "WHO COULDA KNOWN JOE KEERY SANG CAUSE I SURE DIDNT AND IM LIKE THE BIGGEST ST FAN EVER AND ILY JOE KEERY." Kirk asked: "Bruh how did we go so long without knowing?" Kiki said: "I can’t believe that’s him man."

However, many people were quick to point out how Joe and his music career as Djo should not be associated with his role as Steve in Stranger Things. One TikToker argued: "Joe Kerry not Steve his music career shouldn’t be just labelled as the character he’s playing in a show."

Saj added: "Djo. not Steve Harrington." Another pointed out: "It's Joe Keery not Steve from Stranger Things." Anik claimed: "Joe Keery made the song. The song is literally about how he feels about the fame from being in Stranger Things, he’s trying to separate himself using his music."