A couple from Swansea had a "surreal" 24 hours after BBC Radio 1 presenter Greg James gifted them his own tickets for the Brit Awards in London - and babysat their seven-year-old daughter for them. Charlie and Meg, who are engaged, had no idea what was in store when Radio 1 producers asked them on to play a game on Greg's breakfast show on St David's Day.

It wasn't an unusual request, as the couple had appeared to play games on the popular show around five or six times before. They became regularly involved after Charlie went on to play a game called 'What's My Age Again?' in July last year, having "always listened to Greg" even before he started his breakfast show.

Charlie was then invited back onto the show shortly after, when he revealed the hilarious and down-to-earth way he'd proposed to Meg - while she was making hotdogs in the kitchen - which Greg found "hysterical". The couple, who are both 29, have been a hit with listeners during their appearances ever since, with Greg himself describing the pair as "two of our favourite listeners ever".

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Greg had dubbed them a "real life Gavin and Stacey" as Charlie is from Essex originally and Meg is from Pontypridd. But on Friday, they didn't know Greg was actually going to give them a belated engagement gift - free tickets to the annual music awards happening the very next day (Saturday, March 2).

"They called us on to [the show to] do a Mr and Mrs style game but it was all a ploy," Meg recalled. Greg revealed the surprise live on air, telling the couple: "You might have heard this week that Bella, my wife, didn't want to go the Brits this weekend.

"So I've been trying to decide all week who I would want to take with me and I keep coming back to both of you in my head because I love you both – I think you're brilliant. You've brought so much joy to this show – the listeners absolutely love you." For the latest TV & Showbiz news, sign up to our newsletter

He said he only had one extra ticket but as he's been to the Brits "loads of times before" he decided to give them his ticket as well. "I thought maybe it would be quite fun if we swapped lives for the evening," Greg added.

Speaking to WalesOnline on Sunday on their way back to Wales from the Brits, the couple reflected on the last 24 hours, saying it had been a "whirlwind" and was "still sinking in". "They recorded our genuine reactions [on Friday's show]. We didn't even know if it was real," Meg, who works for the NHS, said. Charlie, who works for an advertisement company, added: "We literally thought it was a joke."

But within hours they were getting ready to go to the ceremony in London - with Meg joking that "next day delivery was an absolute lifesaver" as she scrambled to find an outfit for the prestigious event. "It was a bit of a panic because it was such short notice," she laughed.

Greg James attends Radio 1's Big Weekend Launch Party at The Mandrake Hotel on March 16, 2022 in London, England.
Greg did a 'life swap' with the couple - and even did the dishes for them

As Greg was on his way to their home in Swansea for the "life swap", the couple didn't have to worry about finding a babysitter for their seven-year-old daughter Maisie. "This is probably one of the biggest events we've had in our lives, and yet to Maisie in her little world this was just like someone really fun coming over to play for the day...she couldn't wait to play, she loves people," said Meg.

Staying true to the life swap, Greg, Maisie and the couple's mums spent the majority of Saturday together doing what the family would have normally done on the weekend. Greg did the dishes, went to the park with Maisie, played with her Barbies with her, let her paint his nails - and they all ended the day with a Chinese while watching the Brits on TV.

"Greg got really stuck in, he loved it...Maisie was absolutely loving life," said Meg. As for their night at the Brits, the couple said it was "surreal". "The seats we had were absolutely amazing as well. We were literally touching distance to people like Mel C and Ellie Goulding," said Meg. Want less ads? Download WalesOnline’s Premium app on Apple or Android

A man and a woman dressed up smartly, both wearing black
Charlie and Meg said it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience

They were sat among famous faces from Radio 1, including presenting trio Rickie, Melvin and Charlie. "They were asking for our pictures. We were like: 'What is going on?'" Meg laughed.

The pair, who are self-professed foodies, finished off their night with a McDonalds in their hotel room. Meanwhile, Greg left when Maisie went to bed - but his kind gesture has left an everlasting impression on the family. The couple said it will be an experience both they and their daughter will remember for the rest of their lives.

"He's just so kind. Something like that doesn't happen to normal people like us. It was probably the most selfless thing someone's ever done for us," said Meg. Charlie added: "Listening to Greg all these years, I feel like he does these wacky ideas and instead of pulling out last minute he actually goes through with them, which makes him different from everyone else."

You can tune into Greg's breakfast show on Radio 1 on Monday morning to listen to Charlie and Meg give a debrief of their whirlwind one-in-a-lifetime experience.