Tesco shoppers have been left in shock after noticing the prices olive oil at the supermarket chain. One customer called Melraunch shared an 'eye-opening' photo from an unidentified Tesco shop on social media.

The image showed a range of branded and own-brand olive oils, with the caption: "Sorry but wtf is going on with the price of olive oil??". Depending on the brand and size, Tesco shoppers could fork out between £4.30 and £13.85, according to the prices shown in the photo.

One of the olive oils - Olivio Oil 50ml - is currently on sale for £13.85. Melraunch’s tweet has been viewed over a massive 12.1million times, racking up 3,900 comments, 3,400 Retweets and 30,000 likes.

The tweet, along with the photo, caused a frenzy among Tesco shoppers. Nananirvana replied: "I know! Went to get some and the one I usually get was twice the price I paid two months ago. What the actual heck??"

Jake added: "Yeah it's mental at the moment." NicolaAtSeven said: "Really, it's been going up for months!"

Others suggested shopping at other supermarkets, such as Aldi and Lidl. Humdiha wrote: "Try shopping at Aldi. Great Olive Oil & much cheaper than Tesco." Joannamjarvis echoed: "Try Aldi, much cheaper."

However, Melraunch claimed that at their local Lidl, a bottle of olive oil was also priced above at least £6. QI always shop in Lidl actually," they said. "I was only in Tesco for a specific medicine. But even Lidl’s larger bottle has gone up to £6.49 this week. This is cooking oil!!"

Michelle added: “Honestly! You used to be able to get olive oil from Aldi for £2-£3 and now it’s around £6, cheaper than other places I’ve found but not the point.”

When approached for comment, a Tesco spokesperson added: "Our own-brand Olive Oil starts at £3.30." The British Retail Consortium has been approached for comment.

Tesco has said however that price pressures on grocers have eased, as the supermarket chain reported a sales rise of 4.4 per cent to £68.2bn in the year to February 24, an increase of £2.86bn from the same period a year before. Boss Ken Murphy noted the price rise had hit customers hard, particularly since the invasion of Ukraine in 2022, but has since “lessened substantially”.

He added: “However we are conscious that things are still difficult for many customers, so we have worked hard to reduce prices and have now been the cheapest full-line grocer for well over a year."