We're lucky in Swansea to have so many great attractions on our doorstep ranging from beautiful beaches to striking museums and art galleries, and family-friendly leisure centres. Whilst many of us visit the local landmarks so often that we know what to expect, visitors to Swansea and locals trying a new attraction for the first time often look to review sites like TripAdvisor to get an insight into what an attraction is like.

Of course, reviews help us prepare when visiting somewhere for the first time or trying out a new experience. They can help us understand how an attraction runs, who it's suitable for and, sometimes, give us a bit of a 'behind the scenes' into aspects of an attraction we need to know but may not have learnt from the attraction's official website or social media page, for example.

Unfortunately, some reviews are less useful than others. It can often be helpful to hear from previous visitors and learn what they enjoyed or didn't enjoy when visiting an attraction; sometimes visitor complaints can be amusing, harsh and ridiculous! For the latest Swansea news, sign up to our newsletter here

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As families across Wales consider what activities to book during the school Easter Holidays, many will look to TripAdvisor for some tried and tested ideas - so we thought we'd put together some of the most absurd and laughable reviews of Swansea attractions.

When scrolling through the site, we came across one visitor angry that a castle was located on a hill (isn't that normal for a castle?!), a reviewer who left a negative review of a leisure centre after they received a parking ticket from a nearby car park (surely this isn't the leisure centre's fault?!) and a museum visitor whose main complaint was that artefacts were old. Yes, really.

Scroll down for some of the most ridiculous reviews of Swansea attractions:

LC Swansea

Inside the LC Swansea waterpark [archive photo, 2020]
Inside the LC Swansea waterpark [archive photo, 2020]

What is it? LC Swansea (leisure centre Swansea), also known locally as LC2, is a family-friendly leisure centre in Swansea city centre featuring Wales' largest indoor waterpark, a huge climbing wall, a children's soft play area, a coffee shop, a top-class gym and fitness rooms.

What score does the attraction have? The LC has a TripAdvisor score of 4 out of 5 points, from 1,799 reviews, and is ranked number 18 of 122 things to do in Swansea.

The unexpected reviews: Among the most ridiculous reviews of the LC, one visitor gave the centre a scathing review as they received a parking ticket when parked in a carpark nearby, whilst another gave the attraction just one-star out of five after they turned up late and a staff member wouldn't extend their visit.

"Booked play area for little one, went there and place was busy and messy, couldn't really pass through with the push chair," one unimpressed reviewer said. "Mats around were wet. Really disappointed for the price. Staff also not informed when I did ask about any other attractions in for toddlers."

Another harsh review reads: "[I] arrived 15 mins late due to traffic which was not forecast, asked would it be possible to add or put our time back by 15 minutes or add onto and pay the difference! The receptionist could not have been less interested and eager to tell me no and get rid of me, as I walked away she was more interested in confirming her impending break and getting a chat on with her colleague! Politeness having travelled for 1.25hrs to get there was little to ask!"

But perhaps the most ridiculous review is this one: "Dirty hell hole. Overcrowded. Came back to my car at the council-run car park [i.e. separate to LC], graced with a ticket for not parking in a bay, no lines painted, complete joke. Shall be disputing. NEVER AGAIN."

Oystermouth Castle

Oystermouth Castle
One visitor was annoyed the castle was up a hill!

Oystermouth Castle is a striking 12th century Norman castle in Mumbles, with impressive views over Swansea Bay. It's typically open from the school Easter Holidays to school October Half Term and is run by a team of dedicated and informative volunteers.

What score does the attraction have? Oystermouth Castle has an overall score of 4.5 stars out of 5, from 386 reviews. It's ranked as the number one top thing to do in Mumbles, out of 20 activities and local landmarks.

The unexpected reviews: One reviewer, who admitted to failing to bother checking the opening times before visiting, left a harsh one-star review as the castle was closed when he arrived.

"This castle ruin was on our schedule and I did not even consider to check the opening time," the reviewer said. "Since we passed overnight quite close, we arrived to the site before 9am. Well, we could not afford to wait for another two hours [until the castle opened], sorry guys! and sweet dreams."

Another reviewer gave the castle one-star out of five as it was on a hill! "This is up a very steep hill. Although very well-kept, clean and tidy surrounded by nice green land," they said. "The castle gave very little information of where you were standing and what the room looked like and what it was used for. Have travelled the South coast of England (Battle of Hastings) some of the audio tours give you an insight to the life in castle. Oystermouth you were left guessing."

Another gave the castle just two stars out of five as, perhaps due to it dating back to the 12th century, it doesn't take long to explore it! "Very pretty but not much to see," the reviewer said. "The castle is okay but it does not take that long to walk around it. there isn't that much info on it, it's a nice place to visit if you're passing by but you couldn't spend an afternoon there."

Gower Heritage Centre

One of the entrances to Gower Heritage Centre in Parkmill, near Swansea
One of the entrances to the Gower Heritage Centre in Parkmill, near Swansea

Gower Heritage Centre is a local museum and education centre centred around a working 12th century water-powered mill, with a gallery, shop, craft workshops and other attractions on-site.

What score does the attraction have? Gower Heritage Centre has a 4 out of 5 star rating on TripAdvisor from 648 reviews and is ranked number 26 of 122 things to do in Swansea

The unexpected reviews: One reviewer criticised that the artefacts in the heritage centre were "old," whilst another was "embarrassed" that there were no fish in the fish pond.

"We were extremely disappointed with this centre which charged us £14 to see very little, most of which was closed or just old junk," one reviewer claimed. "It seemed very run down. Birds did not appear to be well cared for, a very dirty pond and we were in and out in less than 15 minutes. We do not recommend."

"I am writing this review to express my level of dissatisfaction with what is advertised as a Heritage Centre," added another. The so-called centre is a total embarrassment and so badly kept, that I wonder how they've managed to deceive people for so long.

"I took my children to see what was advertised as a fishpond. It turned out to be a pond that had NO fish and a very unhealthy overgrowth of weed. On our way to the fishpond was a farmworker's face-in-the-hole photograph opportunity, I noticed it had very brittle, jagged hard plastic that could cut a person's face quite easily (KEEP AWAY).

"I can only assume they've managed to keep this farce going by luring in unwitting tourists, who must be seriously disappointed. The place and the way it's looked after is a total disgrace."

Another reviewer, whilst praising the "superb" building, gave the museum one-star as local history didn't interest them. The reviewer, from Liverpool, wrote: "A superb building housing a very old fashioned museum. Full of local interest unfortunately not my interest. Displays were very dated in glass cabinets and showcases which I suppose it has to be for the kind of museum it is, just not my 'cup of tea'. Well-maintained but needs a facelift. If you like pottery and the like I would imagine it is a must-see."

Mumbles Pier

Mumbles Pier is home to a cafe, arcade and the Big Wheel
Mumbles Pier is home to a cafe, arcade and the Big Wheel

Mumbles Pier is a striking Victorian pier that is open to visitors free of charge. It's a fantastic spot from which to admire Swansea Bay, and there's also an amusement arcade and large cafe at the land-end. Plus, throughout the spring and summer, Mumbles Pier is home to the Big Wheel - we had a ride recently, you can read what we thought here.

What score does the attraction have? Mumbles Pier has a 4 out of 5 star rating on TripAdvisor, from 610 reviews, and is rated number three of 20 things to do in Mumbles

The unexpected reviews: One reviewer complained that it takes lots of money to win tickets in the arcade, whilst another gave the attraction a brutal review for serving tasteless coffee.

"Used to be an okay place to visit but not any more, most of machines are now tickets which is a win-win for the owners, as you just plough loads and loads of money into machines get tons of tickets and end up with sweets as a result," one reviewer claimed. "Owners laughing all way to bank, understaffed, toilets are filthy on regular basis, needs new management."

Another wrote: "Worst coffee in Swansea, avoid, went there earlier - dreadful coffee weak and tasteless. Staff were nice, venue nice, but the coffee was bad bad bad."

Dan yr Ogof caves

The magnificent caves
The magnificent caves

The Dan yr Ogof caves are located at the National Showcaves Centre for Wales in the Brecon Beacons, about 40 minutes' drive from Swansea. The site offers visitors a "unique underground adventure" through sections of the huge 17-kilometre long cave system. The site also has playgrounds, shire horses and dinosaur-themed attractions.

What score does the attraction have? The Dan yr Ogof caves have a 4.5 out of 5 rating on TripAdvisor, from 89 reviews, and are ranked the number two of three things to do in the local area, Abercraf.

The unexpected reviews? One reviewer describes the caves as "a poor man's Disneyland!"

"All the ingredients seemed to be here for a full day's fun, but we left after a couple of hours, feeling that the whole experience had been rather sterile," they added. "The caves were interesting enough to wander around, but no better than numerous others we've enjoyed far more in the UK and abroad. And there should be more warnings that some caves need steep climbs, outside and in (one of our party had to sit some out).

"The added attractions - dinosaurs, horses, etc. seemed irrelevant to the central cave experience, sort of random add-ons to result in a poor man's Disneyland and to justify the rather high prices. Very disappointed."

Another said they found the caves "boring," writing: "I expected so much more - maybe that was my fault but I would not recommend going here to anyone. The commentary whilst walking around the caves was very poor quality, we walked around two of the caves within 15 minutes and the third cave was closed. The shire horse centre was also something of nothing. This was a very boring experience."

Egypt Centre

A rare painting by renowned archaeologist Howard Carter on display at the Egypt Centre
A rare painting by renowned archaeologist Howard Carter on display at the Egypt Centre

The Egypt Centre is a specialist museum with the largest collection of Egyptian antiquities in Wales. It's based at Swansea University's Singleton Campus

What score does the attraction have? On TripAdvisor, the Egypt Centre has a 4 out of 5 rating from 124 reviews and is ranked number 14 of 122 things to do in Swansea.

The unexpected reviews? One reviewer said their experience was "let down sadly by noise" - as a tour guide was speaking too loudly! "Great collection with the two rooms, informative signs. And a great little gift shop and the lady at the desk was very friendly," they said. "Sadly experience was let down by the noise. Could not concentrate in the downstairs room to read the signs as the guy speaking to other visitors was so, so loud.

"He spoke non-stop whilst we were there at a crazy volume. We had to skip some of the exhibits near him as we couldn't get access. Upstairs was equally chaotic with two desks with other guests taking part in activities with staff. Again we missed some of the displays. Feel like the interactive stuff should be a separate part entirely. That way visitors can read and enjoy the exhibits."

Another reviewer gave the attraction three out of five stars - because staff asked if the visitors needed any help!

"We have visited before but this time we felt it was impossible to get any peace," the hilarious review says. "Staff were following us and asking if we had any questions. Please, give visitors some space. A welcome is great but once is enough! This is a small but excellent collection. The lighting needs attention in both main display areas."

Swansea beach

Swansea beach, looking towards Mumbles Head

The jewel in the crown of Swansea is of course its magnificent bay - miles of sandy beach stretching from the city centre to Mumbles.

What score does the attraction have? On TripAdvisor, Swansea beach has a 4 out of 5 rating from 243 reviews and is ranked number 16 of 122 things to do in Swansea.

The unexpected reviews: One reviewer seemed to expect the huge bay to have facilities along its entire length, saying: "This is going to be short and sweet. This is a great beach but if you are in the middle somewhere there are no facilities whatsoever (as stated by the footballer Rio Ferdinand). No toilets. No bars. No ice cream parlours. Nothing. So people use it as a healthy walk rather than somewhere to spend a day or a good few hours. Either end there are 'facilities' but the middle mile or so is a vacuum."

Another commented on the beach being sandy and long (go figure...): "Stopped off here. It's sandy, very long but not very appealing to me anyway. I wouldn't go back to this beach as I didn't find it very clean and when coming down one of the sets of stairs smelt strongly of wee."

One person objected to the beach being exposed and windy - shame on the council for not putting the beach somewhere more sheltered!

Another was unhappy with some of the beaches more natural aspects, along with claims about some of its less natural ones: "After lunch at a nearby restaurant, we decided to go for a walk on the beach. Needs to be cleaned after each high tide, as you wouldn't want to walk on the beach barefoot. Needles galore and debris washed up is not a pleasant site. Wouldn't fancy a swim in the sea, seeing what has been washed up!!!"

Swansea Castle

A general view of the Castle Gardens area of Swansea
Swansea Castle

The historic structure sits right in the heart of the city centre which sprung up around it. There is not much left of it now, but it's one bit of history that managed to survive the German bombers.

What score does the attraction have? On TripAdvisor, Swansea beach has a 3 out of 5 rating from 75 reviews and is ranked number 93 of 122 things to do in Swansea.

The unexpected reviews: One reviewer seemed to thing the castle should have been given a makeover by now, seemingly missing the point. "Left to rot...like the rest of the city", was the headline on their comment.

Another felt the same, saying: "The castle has been left to simply decay away. Not really a tourist site to visit, just a side note on one of swanseas centres busy shopping squares."

One person described it as a "sad looking place", while another was rather more derogatory: "Its a wall near wind st which is rogue dirty and full of drunken heads."

Ok, thanks for that.

Gower peninsula

Waves break on the beach viewed from the cliffs at Worms Head near Rhossili on the Gower

What can you say about Gower? It's the UK's first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and it positively drips gorgeousness at every turn. It's jam full of stunning beaches and gorgeous countryside, but you can't please everyone it seems

What score does the attraction have? On TripAdvisor, Gower has a 5 out of 5 rating from 2100 reviews and is ranked number 1 of 122 things to do in Swansea.

The unexpected reviews: "Very boring place horrible Swansea has the worst weather in the world. People are miserable there is nothing to do here great if you like looking at grey skies and empty drab looking places."

Not sure if they went to the right Gower, equally unsure about this person: "Gower has nothing for tourists. No public conveniences even, or nice cafes. Scenery is all right but otherwise the place is bleak."

Scenery is, "all right" - clearly didn't go to the right Gower, and nor, surely, did this person: "Went for a few days and was disappointed, this place is listed as an area of outstanding beauty, personally I didn't see anywhere that warranted this title,

Another person thought the tide was, "always out", clearly missing the point about tides.

Three Cliffs Bay

Stunning Three Cliffs Bay in Gower
Stunning Three Cliffs Bay in Gower

One of Gower's most beautiful beaches accessible via a gorgeous walk through woodland or down a hill from a popular five-star independent holiday park. Of course, being so beautiful, people travel from miles around for a day out here - which angers some reviewers!

What score does the attraction have? On TripAdvisor, Three Cliffs Bay has a score of 5 stars out of 5 from 745 reviews and is rated number 3 of 122 things to do in Swansea.

The unexpected reviews: "Been coming here since [I was] a kid. Shame it's so busy these days. Far too many people know about it now. Used to have the whole valley to ourselves. One-star to hide it from the tourists - unfortunately I think the cat is out of the bag already," one reviewer said.

Another said the gorgeous views were completely spoilt by bags of dog mess, writing: "Visited here today and didn't stop. Walked a mile through a field to get there to find beach with cows, horses and loads of dogs in and out of the water. Bags of dog poo everywhere. Very disappointed."

Another agreed, blaming "irresponsible dog owners" for spoiling an otherwise "stunning" destination, adding: "This has got to be 'a national treasure' stunning in everyway. So, how can dog owners be so irresponsible! Everywhere you looked you find little black plastic bags of dog pooh.

"Left on paths, half hidden in sand dunes, hanging from tree branches everywhere. Even came across a used human nappy that a mother thought it ok to tie up and dump in this place of beauty. It's time to ban dogs from these places as is done on the continent during summer months, after all the majority of the population do not own dogs. These places are for everyone to enjoy."

One person wasn't happy about the health and safety: "It’s alright for people who are young and fit bit for people who are elderly or disabled they should be told so that they don’t end up in hospital because of the lack of information and the lack of safety precautions like steps all the way down with railings to hold on to if it gets a bit too much for them. On the whole it’s a lovely place but that really let it down!!!!

And someone else was also unhappy with some of the more natural aspects of the location that aren't easy to do anything about really: "We went to the beach after we were all set up and the sea was full of Jellyfish so kids were not impressed and wouldn’t go in the sea so had a big walk with all our gear back to camp which is a killer of a climb."

Clyne Gardens

The vibrant Japanese Bridge in Clyne Gardens on a winter day
The vibrant Japanese Bridge in Clyne Gardens on a winter day

One of Swansea's prettiest parks, with loads of beautiful flowers and plants and Instagrammable attractions like the pretty Japanese Bridge, unassuming Italian Bridge and striking Admiral's Tower (which makes us think of the fairy tale, Rapunzel!).

What score does the attraction have? Clyne Gardens has a score of 4.5 out of 5 stars on TripAdvisor, from 556 reviews, and is rated number 4 of 122 things to do in Swansea.

The unexpected reviews: Most reviews praise the beautiful plants and greenery in the gardens, but one criticises the grass for being brown when they visited. "The gardens are a bit brown at present but it is very large area ideal for families for play and picnics," they said, giving the attraction three-stars out of five. "There are plenty of car parks but as we saw they are all the same £5 a day expensive."

Another reviewer complained the rural gardens are "in the middle of nowhere". (Except, they're not really! There's a very successful pub, a car park, coffee stall and a petrol station with fast-food outlet all within walking distance of the entrance to the gardens, which is set just back from the road!)

"[Clyne Gardens is] in the middle of nowhere," they wrote. "Parking is always a problem reaching this place from the main Oystermouth road. Though plenty of side street parking around. Worth it though once there. Nice to see some greenery and nice shrubs."

Another seemed to completely miss the internationally famous collections of rhododendrons, Pieris and Enkianthus, saying: "Plastic flowers tied to trees, dead and dying bunches still in their cellophane and paper fastened on to tiny saplings. Buckets and vases of yellow chrysanthemums clash with the natural flora of Clyne. Once a spectacularly beautiful park now ruined."