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This is Wales 100 years ago when it looked like a completely different world

It looks startlingly different and there are some remarkable moments in history on show

Football players smile with a child in an old-fashioned car
Members of the 1927 FA Cup-winning Cardiff City football team and child pose for a photograph in a motorcar (circa 1927)

Newspaper archives can be a fantastic trip down memory lane. They're great at showing how one area has changed over time – like Cardiff's Queen Street which is completely unrecognisable in pictures from 1948 to the present – and can also give us a flavour of what life was like more than 100 years ago.

We've looked through the archives to find 22 of our very best pictures from the past 100 or so years. They span the 1900s, 1910s, and 1920s and show a very different Wales to the one we know.

These pictures give us a glimpse into a Wales of the past with pipe-smoking fishermen, south Wales derby crowds in bowler hats, and early motorcars that look like they're straight out of a Charlie Chaplin film. But they also provide a window into lesser-known moments in history from a land speed attempt on Pendine Sands to Amelia Earhart's arrival at Burry Port after her transatlantic flight.

Take a look at these incredible photos: