The national museum of Wales is considering closing its flagship site in Cardiff's Cathays Park and axing at least 90 jobs. Chief executive of Museum Wales Jane Richardson told BBC Radio Wales of the "extremely difficult" task of dealing with a £4.5m reduction in its budget.

The National Museum Cardiff, may be forced to close because of its deteriorating condition, she warned. Earlier this year the Welsh Government said that because its own budget has been reduced, it has had to take "incredibly difficult decisions".

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Ms Richardson told BBC Radio Wales’ Sunday Supplement that the museums will also charge visitors for special events such as tours and exhibitions, and close earlier in the winter. Museum Wales' grant has been cut by £3 million, but it has said that because it continues to incur a year-on-year deficit of £1.5m, it had to address a total deficit of £4.5m by the end of March.

Ms Richardson said the museum only learnt the extent of the cut just before Christmas "so it's been extremely difficult for my whole team to make a change on that scale within a matter of weeks". She said 90% of costs were for staff, and she had "never ever known anything like this" at any of the organisations where she had worked.

The exact number of jobs going at the organisation has not been confirmed. According to the museum website, has more than 600 staff and about 1.8 million visitors a year.

But she added: "I always said that to get to the kind of number that we needed to we would be looking at at least 90 jobs and that has proven to be the case, but we're still not at a total figure yet."