Warwick Castle will commemorate the 30th anniversary of The Kingmaker exhibition by knighting the first 30 guests to come through the castle gates and arrive at The Kingmaker experience on April 14, the anniversary of the Battle of Barnet, which the attraction shows The Kingmaker preparing for.

The first guests to attend Warwick Castle will be knighted by the attraction’s Duke and receive a Lordship or Ladyship along with a personalised title certificate embossed with gold foil in the post, and with ownership of five square feet of dedicated land.

The Kingmaker exhibition is a walk-through exhibition that has been a part of the venue since 1994. Guests can step back in time to experience the smells and sights of 15th century England as they wander through the scenes of the night before the Earl of Warwick’s final battle, the Battle of Barnet.

Liam Bartlett, General Manager at Warwick Castle said “The Kingmaker is a much loved immersive experience and has been a guest favourite since its opening in 1994. The Kingmaker brings history to life and lets guests feel like they’re back in 1461 with the sights, sounds and smells that The Kingmaker would have experienced himself. Now 30 years since its opening, we have the honour of becoming a kingmaker ourselves and knighting our guests over the easter holidays as Lordships and Ladyships.”

Richard Neville, the 16th Earl of Warwick was known as The Kingmaker as he was so wealthy and powerful that he had great societal influence. His support at the battle of Towton in 1461 led to the victory and eventual coronation of King Edward IV. As his power over Warwick gave him the ability to raise to the throne and control the King of England, he became known as The Kingmaker.