Rugby fans are hailing a youngster from Bridgend as having some serious star quality, after a video of him making an impressive run with the ball went viral on TikTok.

The Bridgend under 14s shared a video of one of their players powering through the group trying to tackle him, racking up 1.1 million views and 75.8k likes.

The clip was paired with the sound 'Own Brand Freestyle' and shows the young player make it through almost every other person trying to prise the ball from his hands. But he breaks into a fierce run, making it past almost every single one of them until they eventually tackle him. At least he didn't go down without a fight...

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The comments section is buzzing with praise for his clear aptitude for the sport.

One person simply said: “Unstoppable.” Another quipped: “That kid’s going places and from the looks of it no one’s going to stop him.”

Someone else was very impressed by his talent at such a young age, writing: “Under 14?” Another person said: “Bro must score like 10 tries a game if he’s making that much ground in one burst.”

Another praised his efforts, commenting: “Woah.”

The Bridgend Sports Under 14s group’s videos have proven popular on TikTok, with another video racking up 875.2k views and 39.2k likes, where another one of their young players shone on the pitch, moving at lighting speed as he went for a try to score points during one game. People were also gobsmacked by this youngster’s efforts, with several people remarking that his performance was “legendary.”

Someone also said after seeing the video: "Rugby is underrated."

The Bridgend Sports Under 14s group has more than 6,800 followers on TikTok, where they regularly post about exciting moments their players have been a part of.

Bridgend Sports Rugby Football Club is a Welsh rugby union based in Bridgend, and was formed all the way back in 1938 when it was founded by Victor Blick. There has been at least two other clubs in Bridgend throughout their history, giving them some local competition.

The club is also a member of the Welsh Rugby Union and they currently play in WRU Division 2 West Central.

To see all their videos, you can find their account here.

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