Mumbles is one of my favourite places in Wales. On a day off or when my family and friends from England come and visit, I love wiling away an afternoon looking at the lovely artwork in the independent galleries and gift shops, shopping in the independent boutiques, and having lunch - or a cocktail - in one of the town's gorgeous independent bar-restaurants. And now, there's another reason to visit Mumbles: the Big Wheel.

The 40 metre high Big Wheel was built in 2022 and was one of the main attractions at Swansea's Waterfront Winterland last Christmas and the Christmas before, but now has a new long-term home. Owner Henry Studt, who owns and manages a fairground company in Swansea, recently approached the owners of Mumbles Pier with his idea to bring the Big Wheel to Mumbles and give locals and visitors a fun, family-friendly activity to do locally throughout the spring and summer.

Henry says the owners of Mumbles Pier immediately loved the idea - so Henry and his team soon began installing the huge attraction at the land-end of the pier. It opened to the public in mid-February and I checked it out on February 29 - and was hugely impressed. Currently, the Big Wheel is set to run daily at Mumbles Pier until October. Scroll down for the opening times, prices and what I thought of the attraction.

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The Big Wheel at Mumbles Pier weighs a whopping 100 tonnes and had to be transported to the site in four "specially-designed arctic trailers". It takes a team around four days to put the Big Wheel up, or take it down, and has 24 cabins - one of which has been designed with wheelchair-users in mind - and is suitable for people of all ages. For the latest Swansea news, sign up to our newsletter here

What I thought

The Big Wheel at Mumbles Pier is now open
The Big Wheel at Mumbles Pier is now open

I was really impressed with the Big Wheel. There was no queue when I visited on a chilly but dry Thursday afternoon and the staff greeting people as they paid and got on the attraction were all very friendly and approachable. I'm not a wheelchair user myself, but it was pleasing to see a wheelchair ramp to the platform and staff told me there is a wheelchair-friendly cabin and people of all ages and abilities are welcome on the attraction, (though it's important to note that there are many different types of wheelchair so the cabin may not suit every type).

There were a handful of other people on the Big Wheel when I went on it, ranging from a lady who'd popped out for a walk by herself, a couple who appeared to be on a date, and a father and young daughter spending quality family time together. Whilst on the wheel, you're in a great spot to watch the people on the Pier if, like me, you like people-watching - but really you're going to spend most of your time in-awe of the incredible views of Swansea Bay.

As a Swansea resident, I'm used to spending time admiring the gorgeous scenery of Swansea beach and Mumbles but I've never seen a view quite like the view from the Wheel. And as it turns, your vantage point gets better and better - with striking Mumbles Lighthouse to one side and Swansea Bay to the other. It's breathtaking!

I can imagine visitors to Mumbles will love seeing everything Swansea Bay has to offer - whilst locals will love seeing their gorgeous home city from a different perspective. Swansea and Mumbles are such beautiful places and a trip on the Big Wheel really reminded me of the gorgeous beach, restaurants, businesses - and stunning vistas - right on my doorstep.

My only qualm would be that I wish you could go on it for longer. The Big Wheel takes around two minutes to rotate and each 'ride' is three rotations - I'd love to spend longer on the Wheel, but will certainly go back on it when my family or friends next come to visit.

I live-streamed from the Big Wheel over on Facebook, you can recap my video here:

Big Wheel opening hours

It's not quite the London Eye but certainly boasts incredible views of Swansea Bay!
It's not quite the London Eye but certainly boasts incredible views of Swansea Bay!

Monday to Thursday: 12pm to 9pm

Friday: 12pm to 10pm

Saturday: 10am to 10pm

Sunday: 10am to 9pm

Big Wheel pricing

Adult (15+): £6

Child (14 and under): £4

Family (two adults and two children or one adult and three children): £15

Concession (student, Blue Light Card, Over 60s): £5

Disability Concession: Carer goes free with full-price child or adult ticket

Pets: free!