A lone horse's casual trot through a busy town centre was caught on camera by a bemused motorist. The horse's dash down the side of a busy road in Bridgend turned a few heads.

A man filmed the moment in his car. Rory Osborn said "Whoopsy-daisy” as it not-quite galloped past the traffic.

The video has attracted hundreds of comments on Facebook from people trying to figure out who it belonged to and where it was going. For the latest Bridgend news, sign up to our newsletter here

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Lots of people commented saying that it had been tied up outside a Wetherspoon, and made a dash for it after becoming untied, with the police managing to catch up with it eventually.

In the video, the horse can be seen trotting across a pavement straight into a main road with it's bridle and saddle still attached, as it goes past a line of traffic. Rory told WalesOnline: “I saw that the horse was eating grass opposite the police station and there was a police bike looking for it.”

A spokesperson for South Wales Police said: "South Wales Police was called just after 2.50pm on Sunday, 7, with a report of a horse in the road by Bridgend College. Horse and rider were reunited shortly afterwards."