A boxing club which faced closure has been saved at the last minute by its local community. Earlier this year Kenfig Hill Amateur Boxing Club received a notice saying they would have to leave their premises in Porthcawl immediately and with nowhere suitable to go their future was hanging in the balance.

But after people in the town heard about what was going on offers of support came flooding in to coach Ryan Osgood, known as Ozzie. The club had been based at the Beachcomber pub on Porthcawl's seafront since 2017 but it was never meant to be a long-term home.

They club will now have a fresh start with a new name, Mynydd Cynffig Ameteur Boxing Club, as it is moving to Kenfig Hill Labour Club in Prince Street. It will all be up and running by Monday, April 3 and excitement is now beginning to build.

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Councillors Jane Gebbie and Jane Granville were instrumental in securing the new site for the club with Ozzie describing them as being "amazing" for having assisted. He said: "I think they could sense the desperation that was coming from me after reading it in the news. I am so grateful to them."

Despite it being a rollercoaster few weeks for the people involved things are now looking up. Ozzie noted: "I've had so many people get in touch with me and it's been quite overwhelming in a good way. Kenfig Hill Labour Club said we could rent out the room above them as they don't use it very often and the councillors which reached out to me have been amazing.

"It's an unbelievable feeling and it means so much to the community. And it's an amazing spot for us. They've come down with the rent now as it was too high for us at first so that's been fantastic.

"Now we're just waiting to set up a fundraiser. We've started everything again and are setting up a new bank account so once that's done we can think about getting more equipment to make the space completely suitable. So far everything is good. We got the final go-ahead yesterday so I can't wait for next week when we can properly move in."

Two of the boxers at Kenfig Hill ABC

Ozzie has high hopes for the future. He said: "I have no hesitations about this at all. I'm fully onboard and know that the people onboard just want the best for us. I think they can see what's right for these kids as well and the community. It's going to be an amazing new journey now and I can't wait for it to start."

The boxing club has created two Welsh champions since it was first established while many of the youngsters have also taken part in a range of competitions as well as just enjoying their time spent there. With between 15 and 20 people regularly attending training sessions losing it would have meant a key part of their lives would be taken away, some of the youngsters said. Lily Harris, 15, said: "Coming into the gym I had no confidence in myself but every time a session was finished I’d walk out feeling way more confident and resilient because I was surrounded by amazing coaches and friends."

Also grateful that the club has a second chance is 16-year-old Chad who has been boxing there. He said: "I can’t wait to be back with the boxing family and start back training again. I’ve noticed my mood hasn’t been great since I stopped so I’m looking forward to some structure around my fitness so I can feel my best again. If it weren't for my coaches we wouldn't have pushed on and kept fighting."